8 Tips for Planning a Vacation During Winter Break

Planning a winter vacation can be hard to coordinate and afford. With many loved ones and preferences to deal with, it’s important to avoid being overwhelmed. When looking for an exciting getaway, keep these tips in mind to keep the process simple and fun.

1- Do the Research

Showing up blind may add an element of surprise, but doing the research ahead of time will smooth the process. Have an idea of where everyone is going to eat, how they’re going to get places, and what extra money they need to bring. This will help cut unnecessary costs and add helpful structure to the vacation.

2- Schedule and Book Early

While considering potential attractions and lodging options, it’s best to start looking and book as soon as possible. When looking for lodging, think outside of the box and consider staying at a place other than a hotel. For example, staying in your own mountain cabin will give you more privacy and will be more cost-effective if you’re bringing a large group of people.

3- Know What Everyone Wants

Have an idea of what everyone likes and wants to do on a vacation. Some may enjoy staying at resort spas while others want to stay in hotels or even with nearby family members. Knowing everyone’s preferences will also help when choosing recreational activities.

4- Purchase Quality Luggage

Be confident that your luggage can hold up during the journey. This is another important setup step that can mean the difference between arriving safely at the destination and losing clothes and items along the way. Hardshell suitcases are spacious and can endure rougher treatment than soft cases.

5- Save When Possible

Winter vacations don’t have to break the bank. There are many ways to save money when heading to a new and exciting place. Planning ahead for food and transportation is a great way to save. Don’t be afraid to grocery shop and prepare simple meals in-between the high-quality restaurant feasts. Water bottles and sufficient clothing for the temperature and climate can also save money.

6- Consider Using Public Transport

Not every trip has to be by Uber or Lyft. When planning, have an idea of what’s accessible via walking or even public transportation. Thriving towns often have plenty of stores, museums, and other exciting ways to spend an afternoon that don’t necessarily cost anything. As long as steps are taken not to get lost in an unfamiliar place, a bus or trolley can open up many experiences that might not have been planned.

7- Don’t Overfill the Schedule

Not every second of a vacation needs to have an activity. Some of the fun of being in a new place can come from interacting with the food or people. Walking around a shopping center or going to a park can be just as thrilling as attending a scheduled play or art show. Give everyone a little time to do their own thing so they can fully make the vacation their own.

8- Have a Backup Plan

It’s always possible that a planned winter vacation schedule may run into some issues. Having a backup plan can help minimize any damage caused by the weather or unforeseen circumstances. A helpful plan B keeps the vacation running as smoothly as possible even if the ideal situation falls through. This keeps the vacation pleasant and exciting for everyone.



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