8 Tips for Finding a Good Commercial Litigation Lawyer

All areas of the law are not the same, and when you find yourself involved in commercial litigation, it’s important to find an attorney who knows how to handle your specific case. We’ve put together a list of 8 tips to find the perfect lawyer to represent you in your business dispute.

1. Know What You Need

Before you begin your search, make sure that an attorney who specializes in commercial litigation is truly what you need. Commercial litigation involves a breach of contract between a business and another business or individual – so make sure your legal issue fits that category!

2. Someone Willing to Meet with You for Free

While good attorneys are far from cheap, you should be able to talk to them for free before they take on your case. By meeting before you put down a retainer, you can determine whether they seem to truly be a good match for your commercial litigation.

3. Staff That Knows Their Stuff

From the receptionists to paralegals, you can tell a lot about an attorney by the staff that is running their firm. When you call to ask about the services an attorney offers, their receptionist should have a good understanding of what commercial litigation involves and how the attorney might be able to help you.

4. A Knowledgeable Attorney

When you go to meet with an attorney for the first time, listen carefully to make sure that they truly understand your situation and seem knowledgeable about how to help you. You want an attorney who actually has a good grasp of the law and isn’t simply a schmoozer looking for a retainer!

5. Expertise

Talk to your potential attorney about their experience in commercial litigation and how many cases they have represented. Find out what cases remind them the most of yours and what the outcome was with their help.

6. Communication Skills

Commercial litigation can be challenging to navigate, and you need an attorney who is willing to come alongside you and talk you through it. Choose a lawyer who is willing to help you understand what your case involves without simply throwing out legal terms.

7. A Willing Listener

Just as important as what they say, an attorney needs to know how to listen if they are going to be able to best serve you. Make sure that your potential lawyer listens to your side of the story and knows what you expect from them.

8. A Good Game Plan

A commercial litigation lawyer should be able to explain the steps that will need to be taken to settle the matter and what you can expect from their services. Don’t go with someone who plans to leave you in the dark – make sure that they are going to include you in their game plan and that it is solid!

By using the eight tips listed above, you can find a commercial litigation attorney who can help you navigate the difficult legal world and come out on the other side!

Communication and transparency are essential when working with a commercial litigation attorney. A reputable lawyer will outline the legal process, potential challenges, and the strategy they intend to pursue. They should keep you informed at every stage and be open to addressing your questions and concerns. Your collaboration with the attorney should be a partnership, with both parties working towards a common goal.



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