8 Bridesmaids Gift Ideas Without Breaking the Bank

Are you looking for affordable bridesmaids’ gift ideas? You have come to the right place. Giving your bridesmaids thank-you gifts is not a requirement, but it will not go unappreciated. However, these ladies have been your support system throughout the wedding planning journey. What better way to show them you value them than through tokens? When gifting a group of people, the expenses can add up fast, but thankfully, a gift does not have to be expensive to be fabulous or loveable.

  1. Sentimental Photo Albums

Creating a photo album of pictures depicting your friendship through the years will be a gift each of your bridesmaids will forever cherish. To make it easier on yourself, you could just frame your favorite photo together, and your bridesmaid will be able to display it in her living space.

  1. A Gift Using Your Talents

You might think you don’t have any talents that could easily turn into a beloved gift, but everyone has something special they can use. If you’re a baker, you could make each of your bridesmaids their favorite sweet treat, or if you’re musically inclined, you could write each bridesmaid a song that reflects your friendship together. If you have a way with words, you could write a short story based on stories from your friendship, or if you enjoy knitting, you could make each of your bridesmaids a blanket. No matter what your talent is, your bridesmaids will be thrilled with their special gift.

  1. A Book Series

Gifts for your bridesmaids don’t have to be inspired by the spa. If you have a few of your bridesmaids that have always had their noses in a book, a book set can be an awesome gift. You can try to find a few books that are romance or even wedding-themed, or you can go for nostalgia and give books based on friendship or a few of your favorite books from childhood.

  1. Initial Bracelets

Here is a good bridesmaid gift that is on a budget. Find a budget-friendly bracelet or any other kind of jewelry with a wedding theme that is still classic enough to continue wearing after the special day. Personalize it by making initials with beautiful calligraphy for the bridesmaids.

  1. Notebooks

To avoid cheesy gifts, go for something practical like a journal or a notebook. You can even write a heartfelt message in it encouraging them to chase their dreams or telling them how much they mean to you.

  1. Symbolic Watches

A simple, classy watch is a lovely gesture. It will pay tribute to all the time you have spent together previously and for the years of friendship in the future.

  1. Spa Day Getaway

Experiential gifts can also make good bridal party gifts. Take a spa day to relax with your favorite girls where you can thank them for being by your side. It can be a day of facials, manicures, body massages, or even waxing. Send each bridesmaid a gift certificate of a paid spa day that is around them if they live far apart. To save on money, you could even plan your own spa day and pamper your bridesmaids yourselves with at-home facials, manicures, and pedicures.

  1. Body Perfumes

You can show your maids appreciation by buying them sweet fragrances. Perfumes are a very personal gift. Gifting them perfumes indicates that time spent together were precious moments and full of meaning.



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