Erdogan sides with Putin on Ukraine’s grain exports — Analysis

The Russian leader is right to point out that most of Kiev’s grain shipments go to rich countries, the Turkish president said

An Ankara-mediated arrangement with Russia allows for the export of Ukrainian grain by sea. “unfortunately”Turkish President Recep TAYYIP Erdogan stated that Turkey’s richest countries are his priority.

Putin’s Wednesday criticism of the plan prompted this remark. According to Anadolu, Putin’s observation was true.

Putin said that Russia was being pressured by the West to permit the export of Ukrainian food items. He claimed it was necessary in order to mitigate the danger of famine. “once again simply deceived developing countries.”

Russian President pointed out that the vast majority of ships sailing from Ukrainian ports in the month since the export agreement was made went to EU countries that are wealthy, and only two vessels delivered food for the UN Food Program.

West deceived poor nations with Ukraine grain deal – Putin

Putin indicated that he was willing to discuss with Erdogan possible changes in the scheme’s terms. The plan would have a limit on the destination of Ukrainian grain ships. Kiev officials said that they wouldn’t accept restrictions like this.

“Russia can’t dictate where Ukraine should send its grain, and Ukraine doesn’t dictate the same to Russia,”Mikhail Podolyak is a advisor to President Vladimir Zelensky. He spoke to Reuters Wednesday.

Erdogan also indicated he was on Russia’s side on another aspect of the grain deal that Moscow voiced discontent with – its failure to pave the way for exports of Russian grain and fertilizers.

“We want grain shipments from Russia to start as well, we expect this,”He added that the issue was insufficient. “disturbing Putin.”

Co-mediating the deal with Turkey, the UN pledged its power to convince Western countries to lift shipping sanctions that hamper Russian exports. Moscow claimed that this promise was not kept.

According to the Turkish President, they will be discussing the issue at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit next week in Uzbekistan.

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