7 Products to Help Your Face This Summer

You’re probably used to switching up your makeup products during the summer to match your fabulous new tan – but did you know that you should really adjust your entire skincare routine too? Dermatologists recommend using different products with different focuses during the summer so that your skin can stay protected from the higher levels of sun and heat exposure that it’s experiencing. It may sound a little bit overwhelming to have to change up your entire skincare ritual, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips to help you find the best products to help get your face through the hot and sticky summer:


The first product adjustment that you need to make during the summer comes from your moisturizer. Many people think that they don’t have to moisturize in the summer because the air is wetter and warmer. However, you always need to moisturize no matter what season it is. You probably will want to use a different moisturizer that is lighter on your skin than a heavy winter product. This way, it won’t get extra sticky in the humid air and cause you to sweat more on your face. This can lead to clogged pores, blemishes, and acne that you definitely do not want! 


A lot of people take it easy on exfoliation in the winter because it can easily lead to dry and flaky skin if you do it too often. That’s not a problem in the summer! Not only should you exfoliate more often in the summer, but you should also look for a product that is brightening and mattifying to help you get rid of that pesky top layer of dead skin cells. 


Another product that you definitely need in the summer is a microneedling tool or a dermaroller. A microneedling tool like the GloPRO can help you get rid of problem areas on your face ranging from fine lines and wrinkles to dark spots and old acne scars. Plus, a dermaroller will help the rest of your summer skincare products absorb into your skin making them more effective.


You also may need to switch up your serums for the summer. Serums are a great way to nourish and heal your skin without the heaviness of creams. Serums that include things like antioxidants and Vitamin C are ideal for summer.


The sun can really do a number on your skin in the winter, and a nice face mask is a great way to replenish your skin after a long day at the beach. The right mask for you will depend on your skin concerns but we’d recommend repairing masks, peeling masks, and purifying masks. 

Lip Balm

It’s easy to forget about your lips and even though lip balm is considered a winter essential to protect your lips from harsh cold air and strong winds, it’s just as important in the summer to protect your lips from the sun! There are tons of colored and clear lip balms out there that look great and can save you from a painful lip sunburn.


Just as you need SPF in your lip products, you need it in the rest of your face products as well. Many products have SPF included, but if not, you will need to apply actual sunscreen to protect the skin on your face from the sun’s strong rays. 

Taking care of your skin is a year-round job. So make sure to change your skin care routine with the seasons so that you are properly protecting, replenishing, and soothing your skin.


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