5 Tips for Selling Your Junk Car

Do you have an old car that is rusting away in your backyard? Well, you could be sitting on some good cash without knowing. Although it may not be a lot of money, you are assured of getting a few hundred dollars – depending on the condition of the vehicle.

But the problem is that most people don’t know how to dispose of their old vehicles. That’s why they leave them to rust and expire in their garages and backyards. The problem of keeping your old car for a long time is that it will continue to depreciate in value.

The best thing to do is to find ways to sell your car when it is still in better condition. Doing so will probably fetch you some reasonable amount of money rather than allowing you to waste away.

Here are five tips that can help you sell your junk car:

1.    Sell your car in its current condition (as is)

This is one of the best ways of selling your junk car. If your old vehicle has some issues that need repair and you are not willing to spend money to fix it, then sell it. There are many people and dealerships that specialize in purchasing such cars.

All you have to do is to clearly indicate that you are selling your car “as is”. It is important to inform buyers in advance of all the faults in advance.

This is to avoid issues with the buyers after the car has been sold. Sometimes you might even get ads online of people buying cars “as is”. But you should watch out for the details before initiating the transaction.

2.    Sell it as parts

Selling your junk car as parts is another way of earning some money from your old vehicle. You might even end up making more money by selling parts compared to selling it as a whole vehicle. There are two things that should help you to determine if selling your car parts is the best decision.

The first one is whether the vehicle is in a good state and most parts are functional. For example, if your car got involved in an accident and most parts are still new and working, then selling parts can fetch you more money.

Secondly, consider if you have time and skills to dismantle the vehicle into different parts. If you don’t have any mechanical experience, it is best to consider a different way of disposing of your car other than selling it in parts.

3.    Sell your vehicle as scrap metal

After removing and selling all important parts of the vehicle, you can then sell its body as scrap metal. The car body is normally full of steel that scrap dealers will definitely love to buy. Try and get different scrap dealers and negotiate with them a good price.

But in case most parts in your car are in bad condition, you can still sell as it is to a scrap metal dealer. That way you will be able to get rid of junk in your home and make some dollars from it.

4.    Selling your junk car online

Nowadays almost everything is being sold online and junk cars are not an exception. There are websites that are purely dedicated to selling junk cars. You will find all the details including prices on the website. However, you should find out if the online company is able to pick the junk car from your home.

5.    Sell your old vehicle to a junkyard

This is another great option for disposing of your junk car. Look for a junkyard or auto salvage yard near you and ask if they can pick your junk car.

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