5 Fast Ways to Change Up the Look of a Room

Are you getting bored with the décor of a room in your house? Has it been years since you refreshed your décor and now it is feeling stale and uninspiring? Just try some of these five tips to change up the look of a room in your house quickly and easily.

1- Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back on trend now! Imagine a fresh new wall or the entire room with some beautiful and trendy wallpaper. Seemingly endless possibilities exist – there are even beautiful elegant murals available in wallpaper. You may find some additional ideas at No need to feel intimidated by the process of hanging wallpaper either. It is quite easy once you get the hang of it and many tutorials are available online.

2- Window Treatments

If you have old window treatments or none at all, replacing or adding window treatments can be a quick way to update the look of a room. Blinds are easy to install requiring minimal tools and often come in a variety of sizes to fit most standard windows. Draperies do not have to be heavy or fussy – sheer panels are an excellent way to add depth and color to your décor. You can even use beautiful scarves as window treatments to add a pop of color and interest.

3- Paint

Another quick method to update your décor is with paint – if you own your home or if you have a forgiving landlord. Whether you choose to paint only one accent wall or the whole room, choosing a fresh up-to-date color will immediately freshen up your look. Minimal tools are required, and this is a project that can be completed in a weekend. It is best to choose a good quality one-coat paint, which will save you time and money in the long run. These paints which often combine primer and paint offer excellent coverage and can complete the job in just one coat.

4- Rearrange Furniture

Sometimes we get stuck thinking furniture must fit in a room a certain way and leave it that way for years. Try to think outside the box and mix it up by rearranging your room. You may find this imparts a fresh new perspective to the room and may even open areas to make the room seem larger or make more sense to the flow of the room. In less than a day for no money, you can get the fresh change you were looking for.

5- Fresh Accessories

How long have you had those throw pillows and that worn rug? Perhaps it’s time for a little update – time to go shopping and add a pop of color with new accessories. You may decide to purchase a new occasional table or some decorative items. Or you may rearrange within your home. That vase in the dark corner of your bedroom might look much better in the living room. Maybe it’s time to replace those items you don’t love anymore with something you do – it is sure to brighten up your space.

Try one or more of these easy and fun ways to refresh your space quickly. You will be sure to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You may find that your home now feels like an entirely different place in no time!



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