4 Tips For Cutting Back On Business Expenses

As a business owner, it’s important to evaluate how much money you’re regularly spending. A wise business person knows it’s critical to ask where you can save and what improvements you can make with your spending. 

Right now, especially with such an unstable economy, it’s important as ever to reduce spending where you can. Here are some of the best tips for taking a look at where you can make cuts on your business costs. 

Reduce Energy Consumption 

It costs a considerable amount to keep a business running. The electric bill, in particular, is one that costs the most. It’s important to save as much as you can on your energy bill. Get into the habit of turning off lights and appliances whenever they’re not in use. 

If your office is air-conditioned, make sure that it’s off when no one is at the office. The same goes for the winter when you have heaters on. By eliminating the amount of energy you’re using, you’ll lower your bill significantly. 

Cut Material Costs 

Material costs are one of the most expensive resources that your business has. Depending on what kind of industry you’re in, you may have a lot of things to order regularly. However, you may not necessarily need as much as your staff is using. 

Try to make sure that everyone is using things wisely. Opt for giving digital copies of reports instead of printed ones. You can even consider using recycled paper for anything he needs to print. 

Additionally, you should consider repurposing materials as much as you can. In order to optimize your materials, you’ll need to make use of your resources as best as you can. Don’t be wasteful and recycle whenever possible. 


If you have current contracts with vendors or people you outsource to; you should consider negotiating for a lower price. You may be surprised to find that sometimes all you have to do is ask. 

If you mention the possibility of signing a contract with someone else, you might be surprised that many companies will be willing to lower the price they give you. If they are unwilling to budge, then you should change to a more affordable company. 

Use Time Wisely 

In the world of business, time lost is money lost.   Make sure that you’re using your time as wisely as you can. Don’t allow your employees to waste time that they could be using or production. 

One of the most common culprits of wasted company time is too many meetings. You should consider cutting down your meeting times and opting for alternative forms of communication, such as staff emails. Doing so will ensure that you spend less time talking and more time working.


Chadney is a journalist, the author of several books and the former editor of Cosmopotrist Magazine. She has also written for a variety of high-profile publications. Helen is the co-founder of The Writing Salon, which aims to help writers of all levels achieve their goals.

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