3 Easy Ways to Upgrade a Bathroom on a Limited Budget

The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in your home. Only the kitchen rivals it in importance. It certainly gets its share of use, so it should be comfortable and attractive. No one likes to spend time in an ugly space. And an excellent bathroom adds value to your home as well. When your bathroom becomes worn and outdated, you may find a professional remodel is out of your financial reach, and a new bathroom will thousands of dollars. Luckily, you can upgrade it on a limited budget if you plan well and shop smartly.

1- Upgrade the Tile

Bathroom floors take a lot of abuse. They absorb tons of traffic as well as water spillage. The walls and fixtures can chip and stain. In addition, keeping grout looking good is always difficult, and dirty grout makes your entire bathroom look dingy. Fortunately, you can replace the tile with affordable flooring that looks expensive and lasts for decades.

Tile is surprisingly affordable and comes in many colors and patterns, some of which create sophisticated designs using high-end materials. A new tile floor will instantly elevate the look of your bathroom and leave visitors impressed and a little envious.

2- Paint the Walls

Paint is a great remedy for many design issues. You can transform the bathroom with a coat of paint and attractive accents. Paint is one of the most affordable ways to upgrade a room, and you can DIY a professional-looking job as long as you have the right tools and use quality products.

Consider using a contrasting color for the moldings or adding a border by the ceiling. Feel free to be creative. Plus, some people enjoy painting and find it a satisfying activity that provides excellent returns on a minimal investment.

3- Replace the Vanity

An outdated vanity can make the entire bathroom look old and unattractive. These bathroom essentials also take a lot of abuse and often end up chipped and stained. If your vanity predates the millennium, it needs to go.

You can find a modern vanity that complements your new color scheme at any home improvement store. Add new faucet fixtures to keep it looking sleek and on-trend. The cost for many of these models is quite reasonable, and they are relatively simple to install. In a few hours, you may have trouble recognizing your bathroom.

Many bathroom upgrades are affordable for people on a budget. Just a few additions, such as new tile, can make all the difference in how your bathroom looks and performs. Paint is always a simple way to upgrade as are new vanities. Even adding a new shower curtain can do wonders.

The bathroom is an essential part of your home, so it should be attractive and comfortable. And if you are thinking of selling in the future, remember that bathrooms can make or break a sale. Why not evaluate your bathroom and begin your own affordable upgrade? It’s one of the best ways to improve your house without spending much money.



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