3 Considerations to Make When Choosing a Funeral Home

As you mourn the loss of a loved one, planning the funeral service requires your immediate attention. The first step to take when planning a funeral is to select a funeral home. The funeral home that you use for the service can affect everything from the expense of your event to the services available and even the overall experience. When it comes to something as important as celebrating the life and memory of a departed family member, you understandably need to make the best decision possible. What should you focus on as you look for a funeral home for your current needs?

1- The Quality of the Facility

Often, a funeral home’s website photos illustrate only the nicest areas of the facility. They do not focus on areas that require maintenance or have outdated decor. You cannot adequately determine things like the space of key rooms that your guests will use and the layout of the building. Even things like landscaping and the size of the parking lot should be considered. With this in mind, you should not determine the quality of the facility based entirely on the photos on the funeral home’s website. You may find additional photos on independent review sites, but even these may not give you a complete understanding of the quality of the funeral home. Always tour the facility before making this important decision.

2- The Ability to Meet Your Cultural and Religious Needs

Your preferred funeral home must be suitable for your religious and cultural needs. It should accommodate special requests rather than place strict requirements on the event. You should not make assumptions that different aspects of a service will be permitted. These assumptions may result in unexpected and unpleasant circumstances on the day of the funeral and may impact how your family and friends mourn together. As you interview and tour different funeral homes, walk through your specific needs and expectations in detail to confirm that the funeral home will accommodate your essential needs.

3- The Cost and Availability of Services

The cost and availability of services vary considerably from funeral home to funeral home. Some funeral homes, for example, may charge an extra fee to handle a casket. Others may not offer this service at all, and you will be required to make accommodations. Some funeral homes require you to provide your own casket or urn, and others may have options available for you to choose from. Carefully analyze all services that are included in the cost, and review the add-on services that are available at an additional fee. To determine the best price, you should compare equivalent services and experiences rather than the base package price when reviewing funeral homes.

Before Making Your Final Decision

The funeral home that you select will directly impact the experience for your family and guests. In addition to paying attention to these important factors, consider reading reviews before finalizing your decision. Often, reviews from previous customers can shed light on the experience a funeral home actually provides.



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