Heatwave kills hundreds in Spain and Portugal — Analysis

Europe faces temperatures above 40C. The UK has set an all time record.

Over the last week, hundreds of people died in heat-related accidents in Spain and Portugal as Europe struggles with temperatures above 40C.

In Spain, 510 people fell victim to the heatwave between July 10 and July 16, Spain’s Carlos III Institute’s numbers show.

Heat in some parts of the country reached 43 degrees Monday. The heat has caused forest fires to continue, causing destruction of 12,000-15,000 hectares. This led to the evacuation of around 3,000 people.

Portugal: 659 people died due to extreme temperature conditions in Portugal over the week. The majority of these victims were older.

A country that is suffering devastating wildfires is also in danger. One pilot who was flying a firefighting plane crashed and killed on July 15th.

Flights stopped after runway melts

France and Greece have also been experiencing over 40 degree temperatures. While the French Health Ministry is not yet sharing information regarding heat-wave casualties, they are expected to at the beginning of next month. Both in France and the UK, heat levels will be lower on Wednesday

The temperature reached 25.8 Celsius in Britain last night, making it the UK’s hottest recorded night. The temperature in the UK surpassed 40C on Tuesday. This was the highest recorded high since records were started back in 1922. Heathrow Airport was recorded at 40.2C by the meteorological bureau around 12:50 p.m. According to the UK National Health Service, heat-related deaths are inevitable.

Britons were warned by the British government to only travel to areas where temperatures are high. “absolutely necessary.”A large number of fires have been reported in London, so the London Fire Brigade declared a “major incident.”.

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