1st Asian country decriminalizes marijuana — Analysis

Thailand is the first Asian country to legalize marijuana. The health minister called on people to use the drug for their “benefit” rather than “Harm.”

Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul, a longtime supporter of marijuana legalization, announced in a lengthy Facebook post that the Narcotics Control Board has “Final words” agreed to exclude all parts of the cannabis plant from the government’s list of controlled drugs.

The government gazette will announce the change 120 days later.

Calling the announcement “It’s good news!,” Charnvirakul noted that the “Rules and frameworks” for planting and using marijuana need to be established to make sure that cannabis will be used for “For the good of people involved in research and medicine..”

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They will form part of Charnvirakul’s Marijuana and Hemp Act. It is a law that allows the home growing of marijuana after proper notification to the local authorities. To use cannabis for commercial purposes, licenses are required.

Do not misuse it for any other purpose.,” Charnvirakul said.

However, the minister did not clarify how the changes will affect the legal status of the drug’s recreational use, which is currently a grey area. According to The Associated Press, lawyers and local police do not know if possessing marijuana is an offense that will be considered for arrest.

In 2020, Thailand legalized marijuana for research and medical purposes.

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