15 Fun White Elephant Gifts for Under $25

The pleasures of a white elephant gift exchange can often lie within scoring a wacky present that you didn’t know you needed, but the true joy of the game might be in bringing a creative present worthy of being stolen or swapped. You may be a meticulous planner when shopping for your friends and loved ones, but selecting the ideal gift for the Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa party requires some creativity. Not to worry, however—we’ve rounded up the truly weirdest, wackiest and most eclectic gifts that are sure to be the most enviable items at your next white elephant exchange. And the best part? All of them cost $25 or less.
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Microscopes are tiny

Pricing: $6.99

Popularized by the rise of talking head TikTok in recent years, there’s no better way for your colleague or bestie to sing their heart out or give insightful commentary than with a tiny microphone. Some TikTok users prefer a clip-on microphone but we like this miniature, me-sized version. This microphone can be plugged into any cellphone’s headphone jack, meaning that the receiver of this white elephant gift from Santa Claus or secret Santa can speak with ease at any hour or place.

Purchase NowMini portable, amazing vocal mic

Mushroom-growing kit

Pricing: $17.99

This Back to the Roots Indoor Oyster mushroom Growing Kit will give the gift of good food.. It’s so simple to use that anyone who is lucky enough to get this present will see success regardless of their gardening skills. Simply open the box of mushroom spawn-infused dirt and moisten it with water every day. Within a week, gorgeous pink mushrooms will have sprouted and in less than two weeks, they’ll be ready to harvest and eat.

Purchase Now Back to The Roots pink oyster mushroom kit

Kewpie mayo

Pricing: $7.99

Mayonnaise may not seem like the most popular choice for white elephant gifts. But, we assure you that it isn’t. Kewpie mayo, Japan’s first mayonnaise, is beloved by foodies around the world for its sweet and umami flavor, and it’s garnered somewhat of a cult following. Fans range from chef David Chang, who has gone so far as to call it “the best mayonnaise in the world,” to TikTok star Emily Mariko, who helped fuel a run on Kewpie this year with her viral salmon recipe.

Purchase Now Kewpie mayonnaise

Squatty Potty

Pricing: $24.99

Squats aren’t just good for the gym, they’re also helpful in the bathroom. Squatty Potty is a timeless white elephant favorite that has practical uses. The new “Curve” style has all the features of the original Squatty Potty, but with a sleek and minimalist design—plus, it comes in three soothing colors (personally, we’re partial to the rose quartz pink.)

Purchase Now Squatty Potty Curve toilet stool

Sunset lamp projector

PricingPrices starting at $9.99

Winter might mean shorter days and far too early sunsets, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up the joy of having good light. Help someone replicate summer’s most precious golden hours with a sunset lamp projector, which can bathe an entire room with its soft, golden glow. With the ability to rotate this projector 360 degrees, it can be adjusted to fit anyone’s needs.

Purchase Now HUGOMOVA sunset lamp projector

Tortilla throw blanket

Pricing: $22.99

There’s nothing more comforting than devouring a delicious burrito after a hard day at work or in the throes of a wicked hangover, but for the times when a burrito is unavailable, this tortilla throw blanket is a nice alternative. Sure, there’s no beans and rice, but it can swaddle anyone in warmth and make the day a little cozier.

Purchase Now Blanket of freesooth tortillas

Candle scented with Bacon

Pricing: $12.99

Few things smell as good as freshly-cooked bacon, which is why the geniuses at the Stinky Candle Co. (yes, that’s really their name) painstakingly replicated it for their deliciously-scented bacon candle. Everyone will appreciate the long-lasting, sweet and savory aroma of crispy bacon without the need to fry it.

Purchase Now The Stinky Candle Co. Bacon Candle

Scalp scrubber

Pricing: $8.97

This silicone scalp scrubber not only cleans your hair and exfoliates your scalp, but it can also provide a relaxing head massage. When used to apply shampoo during a shower, it’ll deliver squeaky clean results Relaxing, spa-worthy experiences

Purchase Now2 Pack Cibumpro Shampoo Massager

Chrome fortune cookie

Pricing: $25.00

Nothing is more rewarding than opening a small fortune cookie to discover what the future might hold. You can create your own sparkling fortune with this chrome fortune cookie. You can use the cookie as a great case for small trinkets and pills.

Purchase NowNew York’s chrome fortune cookie is coming soon

Indoor herb garden kit

Pricing: $20.99

Enjoy a lush green life with this simple, easy to use indoor herb garden kit. You will find everything you need to care for this small but very powerful garden starter, including seeds for 4 different herbs (basil chives parsley, parsley, cilantro), bamboo fiber mini-pots, expandable soil pellets, and seed packets. You will soon be cooking from homegrown herbs thanks to this gift.

Purchase Now Loako indoor herb garden starter kit

Stickers for the face

PricingPrices starting at $17.00

For a gift that’s sure to get a kick out of the friend group, consider going with these custom face stickers. Simply choose the visage of one of your beloved friends and it will be turned into a roll of stickers to be used and cherished for posterity because who wouldn’t want to adorn every surface with their friend’s face?

Purchase NowSticker Mule face stickers

Chili crisp

Pricing: $19.99

The chili crisp condiment is versatile. Lao Gan Mai is famous for its chili crisp, which is made from tons of chilis crushed and then fried in oil. It elevates any meal, including leftover pizza and chicken dinner, by adding oil and crispy. It’s so tasty, you may find yourself reaching for it at every meal, which is why we recommend getting this two-pack so you can keep one for yourself. You also get a cute little pig spork.

Purchase Now Lao Gan Ma spicy chilli crisp 2-pack set with pork tail spork

Hooded blanket for Dinosaurs

Pricing: $20.00

Whether you’re shopping for a dinosaur enthusiast or the hygge obsessed, you can’t go wrong with this hooded blanket that’s as fun as it is functional. Affixed with a 3-D dinosaur head on the hood, furry spikes down the back, and soft paws on the edge of the blanket, it’s cozy enough for the couch, but playful enough for a night of donning costumes. It may be made for kids, but it’s guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Purchase Now Pillowfort dinosaur fleece blanket

Bottle of crystal water

PricingPrice: $17.99 and Up

Whether you believe that crystals have healing properties or you just think they’re beautiful to look at, there’s no denying that crystals are having a moment in the zeitgeist. This reusable crystal water bottle features a solid glass bottle and a crystal point at its base. While there’s no science to back up any claims of healing, it’s a fun way to stay hydrated and cut down on single-use plastic.

Purchase NowCrystal point water bottles from Energized Crystal Shop

Mobile UV phone cleaner

Pricing: $16.99

There’s no denying that we’re all a little more wary of germs than we used to be, which is why this handy UV phone sanitizer would be a welcome addition to anyone’s home. Its UV-C lamp kills all microorganisms within five minutes. The device’s compact size allows it to be carried around and used while on the move. Its sanitizing abilities aren’t just limited to phones, either; the sanitizing case can also fit ear buds, glasses, masks and other small items.

Purchase Now IFLOVE phone sanitizer


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