11 people and armor-clad monkey killed in cartel shootout (PHOTO) — Analysis

Two law enforcement officers were also injured in the bloody police raid that took place at a Mexican gang hideout last Tuesday. 11 people and a spider monkey, a drug cartel macat, were among those killed in the gun battle. A large cache of the military grade equipment – including assault rifles, tactical helmets, and bullet-proof vests – was seized during the raid.

According to local authorities, the monkey had been killed in the raid. They also stated that the remaining suspects could be charged with exotic animal trafficking. “A primate was killed at the scene, which was presumably owned by a criminal who was also killed at the scene,”State prosecutors made the statement in a written statement.

The graphic imagery online depicts the dead monkey perched on the corpse of its suspected owner. He was wearing what appeared to be a plastic bucket over his head. When the monkey died, it was covered in a diaper, camouflaged sweatshirt, and a bulletproof vest. Although the vest provided protection, it was unclear if this was just a prop.

It quickly went viral online, and the bizarre tale was shared by even more people. gettingThere is even a narcocorrido song. Narcocorridos – a sub-genre of regional Mexican corrido ballads – glorify the drug trade and criminal lifestyle, and often commemorate prominent cartel figures.

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