Zuckerberg introduces AI systems as ‘key to unlocking’ the Metaverse — Analysis

The Meta CEO and Facebook co-founder wants “builder bots” and “nuanced” assistants in the Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg (Meta CEO) presented new information on the expanding Metaverse in Wednesday’s presentation. Livestreaming of this event allowed the company to see some AI developments currently being developed.

Among Zuckerberg’s ideas are for people to have “conversational assistants,”Builder bots as well as a universal speech-translator 

Big Tech mogul, John C. Reilly, claimed AI is “the” thing. “key to unlocking the Metaverse,”Zuckerberg says that this will be the next big step in the evolution of the internet. The company said these advances are being researched and developed through a new project called ‘CAIRaoke’. 

Meta said Wednesday it had launched “an end-to-end neural model that can power much more personal and contextual conversations than the systems people are familiar with today,”It is used to test the conversational and nuanced virtual assistants in Portal’s video service. 

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A tech firm also stated that users will be able “talk naturally with their conversational assistants, so they can refer back to something from earlier in a conversation, change topics altogether, or mention things that rely on understanding complex, nuanced context”You will eventually be able use gestures. 

Video presentation showed how personal assistants can remember birthdays, offer dinner ideas, make reservations and provide business details, all via voice command. 

Zuckerberg showed the Builder Bot feature that allows people to create digital environments by using voice commands. By controlling an avatar that was 3D and without legs on the beach, Zuckerberg showed how to add elements like clouds or a blanket. 

Although there is not a timeframe when these AI technologies will achieve the level Zuckerberg speaks of, the company stated that it thinks they will. “the ubiquitous, seamless method for navigation and interaction”VR glasses and headsets for AR. 

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