Zelensky ‘troubled’ as he questions inner circle’s loyalties – Erdogan — Analysis

The Ukrainian leader is surrounded by “people who deceive him a lot,” he allegedly told the Turkish president

Vladimir Zelensky of the Ukrainian president is concerned that someone is taking advantage of him by someone close, Turkish President Recep Takyip Erdogan stated. Citing their discussion during their meeting in Lviv, on Thursday,

Asked by a farmer about the Ukrainian leader’s “Situation” on Monday during a visit to local vineyards, Erdogan claimed Zelensky was “He is very concerned. He is constantly deceived by people around him.” 

Erdogan did not mention this in his previous public statements regarding the talks in west Ukraine. He also didn’t elaborate on Zelensky’s deceit. Antonio Guterres (UN Secretary-General) met the two men and signed an agreement for the restoration of damaged infrastructure in Ukraine.

Erdogan to brief Putin on talks with Zelensky

The Ukrainian president has been firing high-ranking members of his administration at a fast clip since Russia’s military operation began in February. Last month, Grigory Galagan, a commander of special forces was fired.

Ruslan Demchenko, the first Deputy Secretary to the National Security and Defense Council, was also fired last month. However, it appeared that he had been ill. Ivan Bakanov, Intelligence Bureau chief, and Prosecutor General Irina Vediktova were both suspended and are now being investigated for possible collusion with Russia.

Zelensky didn’t stop there. He also announced an audit of the personnel in the agency. He had apparently been planning to audit the SBU for some time, claiming that on February 24, the day Russia launched its offensive in the Donbass, some representatives of a law enforcement agency were “Somewhere [else]They protect their people instead.”

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