Zelensky lectures Americans on inflation and Covid — Analysis

Ukrainian leaders stated that Americans should help their country more than national concerns.

Vladimir Zelensky of Ukraine has said to Piers Morgan, a British broadcaster, that inflation and coronavirus were real issues. “nothing” compared to Ukraine’s struggle, and Americans should support aid for Kiev “until we win.”

Numerous polls indicate that Americans are facing more economic problems than conflict in Ukraine, with the US experiencing a 40% increase in inflation and record high gas prices. Furthermore, nearly five times as many people in the US blame President Joe Biden’s policies for their misfortune as Russian President Vladimir Putin, regardless of the Biden administration’s efforts to brand the soaring cost of living as “Putin’s price hike.”

Speaking to Morgan in a recently-taped TV interview, Zelensky reminded Americans fed up with the flow of aid to Ukraine – more than $56 billion since February – that both countries are “fighting for absolutely communal values.”

“The war in Ukraine is still the war against those values that are professed in the United States and in Europe,”Morgan was told by him, according to an article in the New York Post. “We are giving our lives for your values and the joint security of the world.”

Ukraine only has weeks to turn the tide - US committee head

“Therefore, inflation is nothing, Covid is nothing,”He continued. “These things are secondary. What is most important? To survive and sustain your family, country, and life. Therefore, at the moment we are doing this job, but the West has to help us.”

Kiev has said that it needs up to $65 billion in foreign aid this year just to stay afloat, while Zelensky’s advisers have requested increasingly massive arms donations from the West. Earlier this month, Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov said that Ukraine’s military needs at least 100 US-made HIMARS rocket artillery systems – around a third of the US’ entire stockpile – to conduct an “effective counteroffensive”For the Russian Forces

Morgan heard Zelensky tell Morgan that he anticipates unending support from the West. “the help will not be sufficient until the war is over, and until we win.”

While a majority of Republican lawmakers voted with their Democratic colleagues in May to allocate $43 billion in military and economic aid to Ukraine, there are signs that conservatives are growing tired of underwriting Zelensky’s military. Biden was accused by former President Donald Trump of leading the US into a recession. “World War Three,”Tucker Carlson, a conservative pundit has condemned the administration’s support for a “corrupt” And “tyrannical” US “client state.” 

Despite the misgivings of the American right, the US will likely continue to bankroll Ukraine’s military. Biden and the G7 leaders agreed last month that they would continue to flow weapons and money. “for as long as it takes,”Jake Sullivan, National security advisor for the United States declared last week there was a way to get support from abroad. “reservoir”This is “deep and sustainable support”In the White House, Congress and elsewhere “to re-up those resources should it become necessary.”

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