Young Living’s Commitment to Quality from the Inside Out

Young Living has grown to become the leading supplier of essential oils and related products in the world. Not only is the company one of the largest in its industry, but it’s also served as an example of all the good that a business can do.

Leading Supplier of Essential Oils and Other Products

As the leading supplier of essential oils, Young Living offers a wide variety of different products for sale. The heart of the company’s product line has always been essential oils, which are offered in one-herb oils and blends. These can be purchased as traditional oils, dietary oils that get added to foods or drinks, diluted roll-on oils that go directly on the skin, and massage oils. Diffusers and accessories are also available for dispersing the traditional oils in a room.

Some of Young Living’s other product lines include skin, hair, dental, and other items. There are a number of soaps and lotions among these, and one particular product line is developed specifically for men.

Continually Committed to Pure Essential Oils

Across all of these products, one focus remains consistent: purity. Purity was the initial impetus behind starting Young Living, and it’s been one of the keys to the company’s expansive success.

Young Living was started by Mary Young and D. Gary Young back in the early 1990s. D. Gary Young has become enamored with essential oils and wellness, but he had trouble finding products that offered the full benefits of essential oils. The quality of many products was inconsistent, and different purity levels led to different experiences across others’ products.

D. Gary Young’s vision was to address this specific issue regarding purity (and quality in turn) and to help people seek greater wellness in doing so. He first started by creating a small organic herb farm that was located in Utah and from which the herbs were used to derive essential oils.

Not long after starting this first farm, D. Gary Young increased his operational capacity by adding farmland in Idaho and growing the Utah operations. He also built a specialized distillery, which was the most technologically advanced distillery of essential oils in North America at the time.

Between the farms and distillery, D. Gary Young developed his trade-secret process termed “Seed to Seal.” The Seed to Seal process that Young Living still uses oversees the growing of the herbs, the distillation of the oils, and the creation of the products, thus guaranteed comprehensive quality control.

With this quality control, D. Gary Young was able to produce some of the purest and highest-quality essential oil products in the world.

Becoming a Global Company

Since those first days on a small farm in Utah, Young Living has grown to become a truly global company. The company has more than 6 million customers across the world, and it maintains operations on all six inhabited continents.

The process of creating Young Living products still begins on the farms, and the company’s farms are now in some of the best herb-growing regions of the world. There is one farm in Africa, six in Asia, two in Australia, five in Europe, nine in North America and two in South America.

During normal times, many of these farms host events at specific times, and interested customers are welcome to visit. Another way to experience the farms is through the company’s Farm Passport that serves as a guide to the different plantations and the products that come from them.

Young Living also maintains traditional regional offices throughout the world in order to manage the growth, production, and distribution of essential oil products on different continents. The company’s regional offices are located in Europe, Canada, Japan. Singapore and Australia.

Even with all of this growth, the overall headquarters remains right near where D. Gary Young started that first farm. The company’s headquarters is located right in Lehigh, Utah, and it’s from here that all 3,000-plus employees and all operations are ultimately managed.

Treating Employees Well

With regard to the treatment of employees, Young Living is exemplary. Thanks to both, D. Gary Young’s vision of helping everyone pursue wellness and the company’s global operations, Young Living is welcoming of all employee backgrounds. It boasts employees from many different nationalities and strata of society, and the company helps every employee work toward a life that’s full of wellness.

This positive treatment of employees has been recognized locally in Utah through Young Living’s most recent accolade. The company was named #1 Best Company to Work for in Utah Valley, and this recognition is certainly a testament to all that the company has sought to do for its employees.

Continually Pursuing Wellness for Everyone

For customers and employees alike, Young Living is continually in pursuit of greater wellness. Through its products and treatment of employees, the company has certainly impacted many people in a positive way.

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