Yakir Peace: All you need to know about who is and how he became such a successful businessman

Yakir Peace is an Israeli businessman who has made a success of businesses ranging from advertising, information security, online tickets, and real estate. He believes in the power of versatility and strives to use his success to advocate for the poor in Israel. 

Yakir has a number of businesses not only in Israel, but also around the world. He trusts in making international connections with serious people who share his ambition as this makes the establishment of successful enterprises all the easier. This has greatly contributed to his prosperity which he attributes to the building of strong connections and not being afraid to identify and grab opportunities whenever they come. 

Where did it all start? 

Yakir Peace was born in Israel in 1992 and, at the astonishing age of only 28, has already made his name both locally and internationally. He had always dreamed of being exceedingly successful as a freelancer and started his career by being ready to grab opportunities with both hands and never letting it go. This success would not have been possible without his spirit of perseverance. When he sees a chance to make a difference and be successful, he takes it. In this spirit, he also isn’t afraid to work long and hard to attain what he needs and what he believes in. 

How did he achieve his success? 

Deeming versatility key to business success, he has made sure to invest his time, energy, and money into numerous industries. By refraining from becoming stuck in a specific industry, he has spread his wings far and wide and used the international relations he has established to reach his goals. These international networks are essential as they not only provide relationships in the physical spheres of business, but also provide unique insight. Every market is singular in nature, and intuition is required in order to infiltrate the market effectively. He has been able to do this because of his understanding of not only global markets, but also how local ones may be utilized in establishing a business at home and abroad. 

Creating these relationships has meant that he has been able to not only see exceptional leadership in others, but also to nurture it within himself. His ability to read people has served him well, and this is a precursor to success. 

There is no greater disservice that one can do to oneself than not grabbing hold of opportunity when it makes itself known. No opportunity is too small, and every one has a purpose in the ultimate success of a business. In order to have a business that is always expanding, there is generally risk included. However, this risk needs to be faced head-on. With Yakir’s pure determination, and ability to adequately assess the needs of a situation, he has been able to minimise those risks and establish business entities which stand firm. 

I Am because We Are: Yakir’s Philanthropic Heart

Knowing that he is unique in his position to help others, he endeavours to stand with those who do not have their own voice. He is a firm advocate of women’s rights, and he is passionate in providing aid to poverty-ridden families in Israel. He values being able to share what he has achieved and help others to do the same. Even at such a relatively young age, he recognizes the importance of community, not only in international business practice, but also socially. 

Where he is now and what we can learn from him:

Yakir is a humble man who does not boast about his success. However, he recognizes the importance of sharing his knowledge with others and encouraging the same success in those like him. He prompts these young entrepreneurs to stand firm in their desire to succeed and to never be afraid to take the first step into the unknown. You must be ready to grab opportunity when it presents itself, and this is only possible if you are continually open to what surrounds you and how you can use what you have to succeed. 

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