World’s largest casino city locked down — Analysis

Following a Covid epidemic, China’s Macau has reinstituted restrictive measures

The Chinese special administrative region of Macau, known as the world’s largest casino city, has been put on lockdown for the first time in more than two years following a new Covid outbreak.

According to the city government’s statement on July 9, operations of “all industries and commercial companies and venues in Macau” will remain suspended from Monday until July 18, except for those “It is essential to the safety and well-being of the residents.

To ensure compliance by the public with these new measures, police patrols were deployed.

While the authorities are allowing restaurants to continue working, more than 30 of Macau’s casinos have shut their doors for the first time since February 2020, when they were closed for 15 days. Gaming stocks plunged Monday as a result of anti-epidemic precautions.

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The gambling industry is the lifeblood of Macau’s economy, with more than 80% of government’s revenue coming from it. The majority of the city’s residents are directly or indirectly employed by the industry. In 2018, Macau’s gambling revenue was $37 billion.

The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center reports that Macau has had 1,526 confirmed cases as of June 18th. 

Zhang Yongchun was the secretary for administration, justice and Macau. He stated that depending on circumstances, the lockdown might be increased and the epidemiological precautions tightened.

Macau, with a population 681,700, and an area 32.9 km2, is the largest city in China.

Covid has been on the rise in China recently, despite the country’s strict zero-tolerance policy.

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