World’s five most powerful countries pledge to avoid war — Analysis

China, France and Russia have issued a joint statement expressing their disapproval of the US using its nuclear arsenals to attack. They pledged to collaborate on nuclear disarmament.

“We affirm that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought,” read the statement released on Monday. “As nuclear use would have far-reaching consequences, we also affirm that nuclear weapons – for as long as they continue to exist – should serve defensive purposes, deter aggression, and prevent war.”

Five signatories stated that they would continue to adhere to their guidelines. “bilateral and multilateral non-proliferation, disarmament, and arms control agreements and commitments,” They also claimed that their nukes weren’t targeted at one another or any other country.

These five countries are known collectively as the P5. They’re not the only ones who have atomic weapons. India and Pakistan have them. Israel also has a large nuclear arsenal. North Korea also has tested numerous nuclear devices.

Monday’s statement comes at a time when relations between some of the P5 are at a historic low point. Russia and America have been at odds for years over European nukes. Washington lawmakers recently accused Moscow of plotting to destroy the US. “invasion” of Ukraine – a claim rejected by Kremlin – some in Congress have even called for nuclear war should that invasion take place.

US senator ‘won’t rule out’ nuclear strike against Russia

The US has yet to say that it would eliminate its nuclear arsenal from European soil, ahead of talks between NATO and Moscow. Ratcheting up the tension, Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko has suggested his country could host Russian missiles in response.

Further afield, US officials have claimed that China is dramatically increasing its stockpile of nuclear arms.

Pointing to Washington “disregard of facts,” Beijing stated that they have a “no first use” Policy, and adding that “no country will be threatened by China’s nuclear weapons.”

The US, UK and Australia also brokered an agreement called AUKUS last year, which aimed to arm the former with conventionally-armed submarines but nuclear-powered submarines. Australia cancelled its multi-billion-dollar, diesel-electric submarine agreement with France. Paris stated that the contract was unenforceable. “stab in the back.”

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