World on the brink of nuclear catastrophe – Moscow — Analysis

Moscow warns that if Ukrainian troops continue to attack the Zaporozhye nuclear power station, then a nuclear catastrophe could occur at any time.

Kiev’s “reckless” actions are pushing the world ever closer to a major nuclear disaster, Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, told the UN Security Council at a meeting focused on the Zaporozhye power plant in southern Ukraine. Since the beginning of conflict between Moscow and Kiev, the plant was under control by Russian forces and it has been bombarded on numerous occasions by Ukrainian troops.

“We have repeatedly warned our Western colleagues that, should they fail to talk sense into the Kiev regime, it would take the most heinous and reckless steps, which would have consequences far beyond Ukraine,”Nebenzia addressed the Security Council on Thursday. “That is exactly what is happening,”He said that the Western was his favorite. “sponsors”Ukraine would be responsible for any potential nuclear catastrophe. 

Kiev’s criminal attacks on the nuclear infrastructure facilities are pushing the world to the brink of a nuclear disaster that would rival a Chernobyl one.

The power plant could be destroyed if Ukrainian forces keep their assaults on it “at any moment,” Nebenzia warned. According to the Russian envoy to the UN, a catastrophe at the Zaporozhye power plant – the biggest one in Europe – could lead to radioactive pollution of vast swathes of territory, affecting at least eight Ukrainian regions, including its capital, Kiev, major cities like Kharkov or Odessa, and some territories of Russia and Belarus bordering Ukraine. The Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, as well as Moldova, Romania, and Bulgaria are likely to suffer as well, he warned.

UN issues nuclear appeal to Russia and Ukraine

“And these are the most optimistic expert forecasts,”Nebenzia stated that a nuclear catastrophe of this magnitude could be catastrophic. “difficult to imagine.” 

Over the last few weeks, a number of terrorist attacks have been directed at the Zaporozhye facility, located in Energodar (Russia-controlled Ukrainian town). Moscow has accused Kiev of launching artillery and drone strikes on the facility, branding these moves as “nuclear terrorism.” Kiev has claimed that Russia was the one targeting the plant in an alleged plot to discredit Ukraine while stationing its troops at the facility. 

Rafael Grossi, the head of IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) stated to the Security Council the situation was under control at the plant and that it was safe. “no immediate danger”Its safety is not yet. His agency also received reports from Russia and Ukraine, which he called “the truth”. “contradictory”IAEA representatives urged each side to grant access to the facility to the IAEA “as soon as possible.”

“I ask that both sides cooperate … and allow for a mission of the IAEA to proceed,”He stated. As the Security Council met, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres demanded that any military activity around the plant be stopped. 

US supports demilitarized zone at Ukraine nuclear plant

Ivan Nechaev, Russian Foreign Ministry deputy spokesperson, stated earlier that Moscow supported an IAEA inspection at the Zaporozhye facility.

“The facility must not be used as part of any military operation. Instead, urgent agreement is needed at a technical level on a safe perimeter of demilitarization to ensure the safety of the area,”The UN chief made the statement in a statement. 

China also encouraged all “interested parties”To get down to the negotiation table “find a solution”The issue. The US is now blaming Russia for all the problems.

Bonnie Jenkins, the US’ under secretary of arms control and international security affairs, claimed that Russia inflicted all the dangers associated with the facility by entering Ukraine. Jenkins demanded Moscow to withdraw its troops. At the same time, she also backed Guterres’ call for a demilitarized zone.



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