Working at Beal Properties: How Company Culture Influences Success

For countless employees throughout various industries, jobs provide much more than a bi-weekly paycheck. Various positions hold meaningful promise for self-betterment, mentorship opportunities, meaningful growth and learning, and a sense of purpose. For many proud and committed employees, their professional positions extend beyond job descriptions, and incite a sense of community, belonging, and an expression of self. These feelings are all fostered by a positive, nurturing, and inclusive company culture. 


Chicago’s Beal Properties, a premier property management company, has been harnessing this corporate culture for over 30 years. With an extensive portfolio of over 90 multi-unit buildings throughout Chicago’s various neighborhoods, Beal Properties has had a tremendous impact on the lives of countless tenants, employees, and neighbors. Committed to maintaining a positive company culture that champions employee success, Beal Properties has supported employees in their quests for growth and success. A staple in the local area, the company has also vowed to harness the power of community to provide many outreach opportunities.


Evolving with Technology

Launched over thirty years ago, Beal Properties has provided property management services to a growing number of tenants. Amassing ownership of multi-unit complexes and historic properties throughout various neighborhoods, the company began to grow exponentially shortly after expansion. From its inaugural years, Beal Properties valued employee retention, training, and overall happiness, and believed it to be an integral factor in providing excellent customer service. If employees were professionally fulfilled, satisfied, and able to enjoy a robust work/life balance, they would want to do well, and would enjoy growing alongside the company.


Similarly, Beal Properties was committed to evolving with tenants. As the company grew, and time moved forward, advancements in personal communication, technology, and media shifted company workflow, customer interaction, and overall operations. Beal Properties understood that in order to streamline operations, and make life easier for employees, the company had to implement innovative technologies to succeed. By easing processes, and welcoming technology-based assistance, Beal Properties also recognized the positive impact this would have on tenants, potential renters, and the community as a whole.


Thus, the company evolved with changing tenant needs, and adopted a culture that welcomed innovation, evolution, and constant advancement. From implementing an online tenant portal for electronic rent payments, to launching virtual apartment tours for prospective out-of-town renters, Beal Properties welcomed measures that undoubtedly modernized the company, spearheaded customer satisfaction, and ultimately, made various operations easier for staff to manage. With the right tools in place to succeed, Beal Properties staff members in all positions have boasted about the company’s dedication to evolution, and ensuring that employees have the resources needed for success. As tech innovation continues to surge ahead, Beal Properties will undoubtedly lead the way for enhancing operations, tenant satisfaction, and employee satisfaction through evolution.


Supporting Growth and Education

Firmly believing in the process of educating and championing employee success, Beal Properties has seen an abundance of entry-level employees who have worked their way into management roles. For many employees, Beal Properties doesn’t just offer a job. Rather, the company offers the tools and opportunities for long term success, and supports employees who wish to learn, grow, and remain with the company in evolving positions. Throughout the company’s employee reviews listed on the web, many former and current employees tout Beal Properties’ supportive management staff. Through their recollections and descriptions of their experiences, many employees report that executive staff is always available to walk them through potential issues, teach them various new skills, and support their desire to learn more.


On the company’s Indeed employee site, various employees recount that their experiences working for the company involved a lot of learning experiences, opportunities for growth, and attention from leadership. This type of support is integral in any field, and speaks volumes to Beal’s commitment to ensuring a positive, growing, and fulfilling professional environment. 


Providing Perks and Tenant Appreciation

Since inception, Beal Properties has recognized that a positive company culture starts with appreciation for employees. The company has always maintained various privileges and perks for employees, including free lunches, a casual but professional dress code, and a supportive network. Additionally, Beal Properties offers employees various bonding and community-building experiences, including seasonal outings. These extras ensure that employees feel valued, supported, and like an integral part of a bigger picture. 


Since work/life balance and employee wellness are considered to be vital to a positive corporate culture, Beal Properties also offers employees great medical benefits, allowing employees to confidently ensure that their comprehensive healthcare needs are met. Generous paid time off and holiday bonuses ensure that employees can also manage unexpected life events that require days off, planning, or expenses.


Fostering Teamwork and Collaboration

A simple glance at Beal Properties’ Indeed Employee page will bring up endless employment reviews raving about the collaborative spirit within the company’s offices. From employees being cross-trained in various departments to provide support as needed, to employees working together to streamline operations, there are several reviews that highlight a collaborative spirit. By encouraging team members to work together, Beal Properties ensures that employees feel a sense of community, and benefit from joining forces to resolve any potential issues. This leads to an increased sense of belonging, support, and community spirit, adding to a positive company culture. 


Helping the Community

As an avid and influential member of the Chicago community, Beal Properties has always been committed to giving back to the local residents, neighbors, and people who make up Chicago’s various neighborhoods. Providing various opportunities to people through involvement with many local charitable organizations, Beal Properties has been involved with local philanthropic ventures for decades.


Recently, the company created a formal Giving Team, made up of volunteer Beal Properties employees, to designate monthly funds to support various organizations. These volunteer employees discuss organizations in need, and oversee the company’s charitable giving. Not only does this foster further collaboration between employees, it cements Beal Properties’ commitment to improving the quality of life for countless residents. With a company culture that supports philanthropy and local community involvement, employees feel connected to their neighborhoods, workplace, and co-workers in a meaningful way.


From providing employees with tech-based tools for success, to remaining devoted to employee education and growth, Beal Properties has shown unwavering dedication to maintaining a positive corporate culture. With over thirty years of experience growing a successful property management company, Beal Properties knows that company culture influences employee success, and company success.

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