Woman miscarries outside hospital during lockdown — Analysis

A woman eight months pregnant died after her infant was not delivered to the hospital due to an invalid Covid Test.

China launched an investigation following a massive outcry. It was prompted by a Facebook post that described how an expecting mother at full term had miscarried in China while waiting for her Covid test.

Officials from a hospital in the Chinese city of Xian in the country’s north-west have been punished for refusing immediate help to a patient in need, authorities said on Thursday, according to AFP. Eight months pregnant, the mother was told by her doctor to stay outside while she was preparing her Covid test.

After bleeding profusely, the woman was admitted to hospital. However, her child died.

The incident has reportedly enraged millions in China after the woman’s niece shared the story on social media platform Weibo last week. She posted a video of her pregnant aunt sitting on a tiny chair in a pool of blood, the hospital building behind her. This post claims that she spent 2 hours in the chair. It also states that her aunt was pregnant and had Covid results. However, these expired 24 hours earlier.

The woman’s niece then posted that she’d received voice messages from her aunt saying she was “Grieving and asking for an explanation at the hospital,” the South China Morning Post reports, adding that it had been unable to independently confirm details of the story. Another similar story was reported by media, this time from Xian, involving another Chinese woman who claimed she had also miscarried following her admission refused at several hospitals due to Covid restrictions.

The recent episode caused “A widespread concern, and an adverse social impact,” the city government said in a statement on its official online account. The general manager of the Gaoxin hospital was suspended and “relevant responsible persons” fired, while certain departments were instructed to provide help to emergency patients even if they lack Covid test results.

Covid Lockdown: Millions sent to China by Covid

Since late December, the new lockdown has placed 13 million people living in Xian, Shaanxi Province’s capital, under strict control. Coronavirus infection cases have been reportedly growing there, prompting China’s biggest lockdown since Wuhan in 2020.

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