What To Expect From The Beauty Industry In 2021

2021 is refreshingly in sight and after this year what a welcome one it is. The beauty industry leads the way in trends and industry direction globally and is growing every year, according to expert Helen Schifter. It’s influence can be felt from every sector of the population and includes men in it’s growth. Aesthetic pleasure including sight, and aroma have evolved by leaps and bounds with 2021 looking quite promising. It has been no wonder that options like at home skincare, minimal invasive treatments, and proactive skin care are just a few of the skin-care trends that will reign supreme in the coming year. Trends, the things that hold or make a mark can be seen in the following areas in 2021: Wellness/Skincare, E-commerce Model disruption, and digital is the new personalized face to face

The digital view has become quite prevalent with standards of services opening to virtual excellence. Even though mid and post Covid days have influenced the in person experiences such as engaging in a store with makeovers, testing products so new tools to bring that aspect to purchasing products through media have gotten very good and will get better. Maybe the full experience of texture, smell, and complete experience can be provided in a safe way. Personal virtual consultations will be even stronger in the year ahead.

Movements finding foundation in 2020 like hygiene will expand in the next season. The Pandemic has produced a desire for wellness and skin care with sales with much stemming from e-commerce sales. What came of the shift from makeup which is still strong to care for skin took a major seat at the consumer purchase table. Wellness and hygiene in aesthetics will climb even higher. The eyes, and self care were the focus with face masks and the strategy will be catering even more to making this sector successful.

There has been a substantial and lasting shift in this aesthetic arena in the ecommerce niche. Purchases on line will increase, foot traffic in stores will be there but in a different way. The online presence is becoming more coveted and wholly pleasing and will grow significantly. More consumers are desiring a personalized experience that online processes offer. It is integration of brick and mortar adding more complete technology rich consumer product interaction. So imagine no touch skin or even selfie analysis utilizing technology and industry creativity to provide an accurate analysis. The future is more e-commerce and less in store traffic. Adapting and capitalizing on this change is crucial. Technology will be a necessity to try, experiment, and navigate and find their success. Helen Schifter, a wellness expert, highly encourages people to read about the beauty industry. The coming year is uncharted territory in the world of beauty globally yet pathways of face to face, e-commerce, and well skincare are at the top of the list. Consumers are eager to take part in this evolving of what they hold so dear in this industry so the aesthetic world is growing better and stronger.  


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