What Kinds of Risks are Associated with Using a JUUL E-Cigarette?

The risks of JUUL has now come to light with medical professionals and consumers.

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. An adage many of us have heard before seems to be the case when it comes to the recent introduction of e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. 

These electronic cigarettes or VAPE PENS as they are also known, use cartridges filled with flavored liquid that contain nicotine among other substances. The liquid is heated, and the vapor produced is inhaled by the user. The manufactures and many of the users have been touting these as safe but recently a number of lawsuits have arisen due to supposed health complications that users of vape pens have been suffering. The largest of these e-cigarette companies is JUUL and thus, they have been hit with the largest share of the impending lawsuits. 

Of the various complaints made against JUUL, the following are a list of some of the health complications and negative impacts that have stricken JUUL users:


  • Minors using the vape pens – JUUL has been implicated in lawsuits claiming that their fruity and “candy-like” flavored oils are designed to entice minors to use the vape pens. A recent study indicates that as many as 25% of high school teens admitted to using the products within the last month. There are lawsuits against e-cigarette makers in attempts to put an end to market vaping to youths. This brings us to our next point in the on-going vaping epidemic. 


  • Users becoming addicted due to concentrated nicotine in the vape oil – Another claim made by JUUL users is that they were unaware as to how much nicotine they were consuming when using JUUL products. As the vapor is concentrated, the claims being made a point to users inhaling a high dosage of the addictive chemical, furthering their dependence on this potentially harmful product.  
  • Mild to severe seizures – Some e-cigarette users have sought medical treatment due to sudden and sometimes violent seizures that they believe were the result of inhaling the flavored vape products that are manufactured such as JUUL.  
  • Various breathing and lung disorders – In addition, the above, many JUUL users have been treated for a variety of breathing and lung issues and injuries that they believe were derived from their use of the vaping products. 



These days there have been over 1,000 people who have contracted some sort of lung illness and at least 30 cases have died due to vaping. While long term studies of the overall effects of vaping are still years away, the indications are that these e-cigarettes are in no way safe for anyone to use.

If you have suffered an injury or illness that you believe is directly related to your using a JUUL or similar type vaping product, first, stop vaping immediately and seek medical attention for your condition. Secondly, it is recommended that you secure the services of a law firm that has experience in dealing with such cases. They will be able to help you file the lawsuit, collect the needed information, and hopefully recover financial compensation for the injury or illness you experienced.

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