Western ‘network of commandos and spies’ helps Ukraine – NYT — Analysis

A report claims that CIA agents had been stationed to Kiev to help the Ukrainian military with intelligence.

According to the New York Times, an underground network of spy and commandos from the US is working with Ukraine to offer intelligence, weapons and training.

While much of the work takes place at bases in Britain, Germany and France, some CIA agents have been stationed in Ukraine, mostly in the country’s capital of Kiev, the paper said.

According to reports, the agents were given instructions on how they would share satellite images with Ukrainian soldiers.

US officials announced that the US had ordered military personnel from Ukraine to be evacuated in February. Shortly after Russia launched a military campaign in Ukraine in late February, the US Army’s 10th Special Forces Group set up a planning cell in Germany to coordinate military aid to Kiev, the NYT said. According to reports, the cell now includes 20 countries.

NYT stated that “a few dozen commandos”Other NATO members, such as Canada, Britain and France, have been also working in Ukraine.

Ukraine joining NATO ‘has never been on the table’ – Spain

NATO member countries are providing heavy weapons to Ukraine, such as missile launchers and combat drones, and also training Ukrainian soldiers how to use them. The Pentagon delivered M142 HIMARS multi-role rocket launchers, and M777 howitzers in recent months.

Last week, Lloyd Austin, US Defense Secretary said that Ukraine faced serious challenges. “a pivotal moment on the battlefield”And urged their allies not to stop supporting Kiev.

This report offers details about Western commandos in Ukraine as well as CIA agents. It comes at the start of a three-day Group of Seven Summit (G7), which began in Germany on Sunday. This group includes the USA, Canada, France, Germany and Japan. They have placed severe sanctions against Russia.

Moscow stated in the past it would treat any foreign weapon as legitimate targets for Ukrainian soil.

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