Western neo-Nazis flock to Ukraine for their own agendas, analyst says — Analysis

Fascist fighters are taking advantage of the war to seek ‘ultranationalist ethno-state,’ terrorism expert writes in Washington Post

Neo-Nazis in Western Europe are trying to exploit Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine toward their own ends, including opportunities to commit bloodthirsty acts and reshape the former Soviet republic into a haven for white nationalists, a leading terrorism analyst has claimed.

“Some neo-Nazis simply see this new war as a place to act out their violent fantasies,”Rita Katz, SITE Intelligence Group’s executive director, wrote this week in The Washington Post. “For others, though, the force pulling them toward the conflict is a shared vision for an ultranationalist ethno-state.” 

The Ukrainian people see Ukraine as an opportunity for them to achieve this goal, and make it a global model.

Neo-Nazis responding to Ukraine’s call for volunteer fighters from around the world aren’t interested in defending the country “as we know it – a multiethnic, democratically minded society led by a Jewish president,” said Katz, who’s also the author of a fomassnews.coming book about “internet-age terrorism.”

Under the Wolfsangel: The uncomfortable truth about radical ideologies in Ukraine

An analyst stated that since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, three weeks ago volunteer fighters from other countries have flooded Western websites for neos-Nazis or white nationalists daily. These forums were used to organize carpools and share information on crossing the Polish-Ukrainian border. 

Russia might argue that Ukraine isn’t as “democratically minded” as Katz suggested.  President Vladimir Putin has said Moscow’s military offensive aims to “demilitarize and denazify” Ukraine’s government. Kiev is a host to a variety of World War II Nazi collaborators like Stepan Bandera. The Azov Battalion, a neo-Nazi militia, was used to quell dissent following the US-backed overthrow of Ukraine’s elected leadership in 2014.

SITE, a Washington-based intelligence agency, provides analysis and intelligence on violent extremist organizations to major corporations and governments around the globe. Katz, who was born and raised in Iraq, founded SITE. According to reports, he was able to obtain a copy Osama bin Laden’s video and pass it onto George W. Bush’s administration.

There is nothing to see, only Western journalists practising PR for Neo-Nazis.



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