West is struggling to compete with Asia and Africa – BRICS forum president to RT — Analysis

Purnima Aand asserts that people in these areas are starting to appreciate their natural and developmental resources.

Purnima Annand, President of the BRICS, spoke to RT about how the West has become more challenging to compete with Asian or African countries.

Anand claimed that over the years, the US had sought to be the dominant currency by exploiting other countries’ natural and human resources. She noted that as education levels rise, people in Asia, Africa, and other areas are starting to recognize the importance of their natural resources, their development potential and begin to rival Europe.

“The competition in Europe which they had among European countries is now flowing towards other continents and other countries,”Anand claimed that the EU has lost its competitiveness.

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In her view, the countries of BRICS – an alliance that includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – are progressing and it is “high time”They can show their support for development. 

In addition, the president of international forum highlighted how the BRICS group had played a significant role. “very important role”BRICS nations were included in the Covid-19 pandemic. “trying to make the balance.”

Anand discussed the Ukraine topic and the devastating consequences it had on people worldwide. Anand also noted that sanctions against Russia by the West have proven to be counterproductive. 

“American sanctions on Russia spoil all traditional rules of trading all over the world,”She stated that Russia is not only trading with Europe but also with many countries in Africa and Latin America. 

“When the sanctions started then the whole world suffered […] because all transportation and logistic systems just came to a stop,”Sie said.

Anand stressed that US sanctions against Russia must be reviewed immediately and that Ukraine’s conflict will not be solved unless NATO and the US take action. “seriously.” 

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The EU’s dependence on the US has made it difficult to adapt to changing political environments. The EU always had “internal democratic problems”Anand noted that inflation was a long-standing problem in the union. He also pointed out how the conflict with Ukraine has significantly contributed to these problems.

The EU has adopted policies that have been backed by the US to address these issues. Anand says this is not possible because each country requires a different approach.

“Every country cannot be the same, all people’s problems cannot be the same,”She insisted and said that Europe believes that the decisions it makes are its own. “for the whole world.” “But it is not true,”Anand stated that it was important for the West to understand the problems faced by people all over the world and how they can help.

According to her, the EU’s current policies had led to the following: “results that are not in the favor of the people,”It is important to note that the prices of everything, from gasoline and general living costs, are rising.

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