Ways to Make Virtual Meetings More Effective


Since the pandemic, life has changed and people and businesses have had to learn to adapt and still are learning. No longer able to meet in large groups, the virtual online meetings are a successful way to conduct the meetings if done well. The military uses them to recruit members. Salesmen use them to sell. Performers use them to stage acts.

Virtual meetings bring people together with the ability to speak and express opinions, to be included in the meeting. They might not ask the same question while doing a job or sitting at home alone. With others daring to put forth their questions and receiving genial replies at a public meeting, a person gives themselves permission to do the same.

One of the first to try a virtual meeting was Zillow. Zillow, the real estate app, surprised others with its success with virtual reception and response by the public. Shalom Lamm says if Zillow had existed when he started in the realty business it would have saved him a lot of time and increased his sales.

The app is at the top of Microsoft sales. Shalom Lamm feels it will remain so. With Zillow, people are able to scroll the real estate market for a home of their preference and even set up visiting times and meetings. This app sells at the same time including the buyers in an interesting way. They can enjoy the experience.

Set Up For Success

A virtual Meeting can be rewarding and successful. In today’s network market, employees must be invigorated and re-inspired in their work. Sitting off by themselves, working in pajamas or bathrobe, they begin to feel unimportant and forgotten, a distant disconnected part of the unit. Virtual meetings inspire them to join the group, to be part of the force, not on the fringes or forgotten.

A meeting must be well organized for success. It must be pleasant for others.

Sports games and music concerts in large stages were canceled and another way had to be explored. No longer were there bleachers full of people. Now they are on the computer or phone for virtual meetings.

Advantages of Virtual Meetings

One of the advantages of a virtual meeting is that no one must travel. The meeting for whatever purpose, can include people globally and each person can be an active part in the meeting right where they are.

Speakers will be more accessible because they don’t have to take time out to travel, nor stand on a stage to be awestruck. They only must prepare their portion of the meeting. That can be fun or informative as long as it engages the audience.

Conducting the Meetings

Each speaker should introduce himself. He must say ‘Hi’ and speak clearly and loud enough to be heard by everyone. There should not be a moment of dead silence when some new speaker comes on air.

Neither should there be a pile of clothes on a couch behind the speaker or a barking dog disrupting everything or anything that will distract from the speaker. Surroundings should be professional and clean. Appropriate clothing is absolutely necessary. No underwear unless that is appropriate.

Drawing People Together

The audience can sign in and are immediately noted by the host. It is important for each person to be recognized. This might be in an email or message before the meeting to greet them and let them know they are expected. This makes each person feel accepted.

Make the meeting light and enjoyable. It doesn’t need to be funny, but must be pleasant.

Have a plan and stick to it.

Be careful to include the audience, mention them. Remember and refer to them.

Do not eat or drink on screen as a speaker. If listening or speaking, do not take notes on the computer as the sounds of the tapping will come through the computer and disturb other members. Take notes on paper.

A question and answer session is needed. During this period, individuals can write a question that the host will read aloud. The answer will then be delivered by someone.

Do not let the meeting last more than an hour. People become bored or tired after forty minutes.

As a follow up, ask the members opinion on the meeting and subjects they would like. Ask them to take a survey, letting them express their opinion and give suggestions.

A virtual meeting is a new way that came about because of COVID, but Shalom Lamm is confident that it is almost certainly to continue. This unites people globally, something that has never really been done. People cannot do without other people. Done well, this is a way to let people gather together and actually enjoy what they are doing.


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