Washington to let Julian Assange serve sentence in Australia if convicted after extradition to US, legal document shows — RT World News

Lawyers acting on behalf of the US government have “provided assurance” to a UK extradition hearing that any custodial sentence imposed on WikiLeaks founder Assange by an American court would be allowed to be served in Australia.

US Government has appealed against the initial UK court decision that refused to extradite Assange. It claimed there was a risk of Assange committing suicide if Assange were handed over to American law enforcement.

The US stated that he would be allowed to execute any sentence in America at the beginning of his two-day hearing in London’s High Court. “The United States has provided an assurance that [it] will consent to Mr. Assange being transferred to Australia to serve any custodial sentence imposed on him,”This is a document prepared by US Government lawyers. also available
Snowden calls Assange ‘political criminal’ ahead of extradition hearing, where the pressure might now be on Biden’s legal team

In a statement earlier this year by the US, it claimed that they were “extremely disappointed”UK District Judge Vanessa Baraitser refused to allow WikiLeaks cofounder WikiLeaks to be extradited to face trial. This was because she believed that he might take his life in a maximum security facility. He was not to be detained in the US’s highest security prison.

After being released on bail, Assange spent seven years in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy. This was in response to a Swedish attempt to extradite Assange to answer sexual assault allegations. These charges were dropped later. Assange claimed that Assange was being held in the UK by the Swedish extradition request. This was due to Assange publishing classified information about wars in Afghanistan, Iraq.

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