Violent clashes erupt as Mexico’s National Guard confronts US-bound migrants — RT World News

Mexico’s southern state of Chiapas saw intense violence as local National Guard officers faced off with a migrant caravan moving north to Mexico City. Both sides were reportedly injured in the altercations.

The Mexican National Guard was deployed to Chiapas in recent days to halt a migrant caravan that set off on foot last month from the country’s southern border with Guatemala. Today, around 3,000 are making their way north towards Mexico City with the hopes of eventually crossing the US border.

On Thursday, videos were posted on social media showing migrants striking the National Guard officers with sticks and throwing stones at them as they tried to move on the caravan in tight formation.

The migrants may have succeeded at one stage in driving the National Guard troops to retreat. One video shows the officers backing off as the crowd continues its assault.

Online video footage that is not confirmed shows an officer unconscious lying down while several migrants hit and kick him. However, several other people are seen coming to his rescue. Another video shows a group of people attempting to remove the man’s gear. Local media reported that the men did this to allow the officer to breathe and then brought him back to his guardsmen.

Some migrants also told Mexican media that the violence was initially provoked by the Guard’s “brutal”Women and children who were in the caravan were detained. Insistence by the National Guard, it denied all charges. “at no time responded to the aggression” “rejects all forms of violence.”According to the force, five members had suffered from it. “considerable”Injuries in street fights

One of the caravan’s organizers, Luis Garcia, told Reuters that at least two migrants were “badly beaten”Officers. Reports also state that some immigrants were detained.

Thursday’s clashes broke out not far from an area where a Cuban migrant was shot dead by National Guard troops on Sunday as they were seeking to stop another caravan heading toward the US-Mexico border. The incident was condemned by Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who said that the officers had no reason to fire on the migrants, who were in a vehicle that defied an order to stop. Obrador claimed that guardsmen were using excessive force because the migrants weren’t a threat and that they could have used other methods to detain or arrest them. also available
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