Video of drag queen performing with little girl horrifies viewers — Analysis

A video of a naked drag queen leading her child through a bar to collect tips has been viewed and called for an investigation

After the viral video went viral, a clip showing a drag queen wearing only spangled pants and a body harness while leading a girl wearing a tiara and dancing around a bar has been viewed by many.

They belong in prison,” conservative pundit Lauren Chen tweeted on Saturday in response to the video, adding that the issue was a “Hill [she was] willing to die on.”

The footage shows the unnamed performer strutting around Miami’s R House Wynwood restaurant, G-string stuffed with cash and enormous breasts bared, hand-in-hand with the child – who was apparently also deputized to collect cash tips from patrons. 

It was posted to TikTok by user @nononoie, who captioned it “children belong at drag shows!!!! children deserve to see fun & expression & freedom.” The user has since locked the account, according to the Daily Mail.

Numerous other commenters piled on the video after Chen drew attention to it, demanding Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “Prove [his] worth” and “You must ensure that this individual is taken into custody and that the location is shut down.” 

They deserve to be in prison and then sent to hell.,” another user tweeted.

R House Wynwood advertises “drag extravaganzas” three days a week. The menu for its “drag brunch” is explicitly child-friendly, with a “Kids brunch” option for children under 12 years of age that includes two food items, a non-alcoholic beverage, and “Of course, our spectacular show.” It’s not clear if the video of the drag queen with the little girl was shot at one of these brunch events, but the patrons’ lack of reaction to the child with wads of cash in her hands suggests that she was not the only youth present.

The US bans the teaching of gender ideologies

A growing number of American parents have publicly expressed revulsion at the trend of drag shows aimed at children, from library “Hours of drag queen stories” to actual child drag queens such as Desmond Is Amazing and Lactatia. Many see the events as examples of grooming by pedophiles – a perception that isn’t helped by the fact that several drag queen story hour performers have been revealed to be convicted sex offenders. Brice Patric Nyschon Williams was one of 25 child pornography charges in Pennsylvania against a drag performer. He has previously danced for children. 

Florida’s new law prohibits age-inappropriate teaching material that is related to gender orientation and/or ideology. It applies to all grades from kindergarten through the third. However, this does not govern extracurricular events such as drag queen story hours or drag brunches, and it’s not clear what law the many outraged parents responding to the Miami viral video expect DeSantis to enforce.

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