US to expedite arms shipments to Taiwan — Analysis

Washington works to complete an incomplete arms deal with the self-governing Island

Gregory Meeks (House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman) stated that the US Congress would like to accelerate weapons shipment to Taiwan. This is to help fill an estimated $14 billion gap in arms sales to Taiwan.

According to the New York Democrat, US lawmakers have been criticized in an interview that was published Tuesday by Defense News. “working on bills now to help expedite and to reduce red tape to get defense items that are needed out in a quicker fashion,”Unfulfilled arms shipment to Taiwan and other countries, including Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and South Korea.

Senators are now looking to reform the review process for foreign weapons shipments, primarily the part requiring an assessment of whether such deliveries can end up in the wrong hands and pose a threat to US national security interests – a procedure that can take over a year.

Lara Crouch (Republican staffer to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) says Congress wants to speed up that process and maintain its integrity. “we don’t want to just throw our tech out everywhere,”But that’s not the problem for senators “need to figure out how we can improve that process.”

Beijing warns Biden against arming Taiwan

The Senate is expected to address Taiwan’s backlog in September when the Foreign Relations Committee plans to draw up the so-called Taiwan Policy Act. It is expected to add $4.5 billion to Taipei’s military assistance and require both the Departments of Defense and State. “prioritize and expedite”Foreign military sales to Taiwan are prohibited and further delays in sales.

Defense News claims that this legislation will also identify Taiwan as a major non NATO ally. This would allow the US to “establish a war reserve stockpile for Taiwan that consists primarily of munitions.”This stockpile of $500 million per annum would be available through 2025 and would be immediately made available in case there was a Chinese invasion.

China continues to warn the US not to arm Taiwan. Beijing views Taiwan as part its territory. Chinese officials stated they would respond to the threat with “decisive and firm measures”Washington will continue to support Taipei’s military operations, something China regards as a violation of its sovereignty. “blatant violation” of the ‘one China’ policy and other diplomatic agreements between the US and China.

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