US taking Putin’s comments about nuclear weapons seriously – White House — Analysis

Russian President had warned earlier that Moscow was ready to defend its territory with all means

Washington is now in the mud “irresponsible”Recent warnings by Vladimir Putin indicate that Russia is ready to take any measures necessary to safeguard its territorial integrity.

John Kirby, White House spokesperson, spoke to ABC News Wednesday. “We always have to take this kind of rhetoric seriously,” but condemned Putin’s reference to the use of nuclear weapons, adding that “it’s irresponsible rhetoric for a nuclear power to talk that way.”

Kirby stated that Washington is monitoring the situation “as best we can”However, it was noted that there is no evidence that Russia has changed its strategic position and that the US does not see any need to change itss.

Kirby warns that nuclear weapons could be deployed by Russia in the unlikely event. “severe consequences”Moscow refers to an earlier statement of US President Joe Biden in which he exhorted Russia not to use nukes and said it would “change the face of war unlike anything since WWII.”

Russia to begin partial mobilization – Putin

Kirby’s comments come after Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia, claiming that the country is now fighting “the entire Western military machine”Ukraine. Russian leaders stated that the West was openly seeking a military victory over Russia. They are trying to degrade the country and take its natural riches.

Putin further claimed that several senior officials in NATO states have suggested using tactical nuclear weapons against Moscow’s forces, and said Russia is prepared to use all means necessary to defend itself and its people.

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