US takes heat from neighbor over Ukraine — Analysis

Mexican president refers to Washington’s rapid approval of billions for Kiev and the delay in aiding Central American neighboring countries

Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has roasted the US for its reluctance to aid development in Central America, while swiftly finding billions of dollars to assist Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.

“The US have already approved $30 billion for the war in Ukraine, while we have been waiting since President Donald Trump, asking they donate $4 billion, and as of today, nothing, absolutely nothing,” López Obrador pointed out on Friday.

“Honestly, it seems inexplicable,” the President said, describing the decision being made by the American authorities.López Obrador, who was speaking in Guatemala, the first stop on his five-day tour of Central America, promised that he was “going to continue to respectfully insist on the need for the US to collaborate.”

John Kirby, Pentagon Press Secretary, announced last week that Washington had already spent $4.3 Billion on support for the Ukrainian military in 2021.

Biden seeks $33 billion more for Ukraine

In the meantime, Joe Biden, the US president, urged the Congress to authorize $33 billion more for Kiev, late April.

Lloyd Austin (US Secretary of Defense), stated that Washington was pursuing the goal to seize Ukraine. “Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine.”

López Obrador has taken a rather balanced stance regarding the Russian offensive in Ukraine. His statement was that he wouldn’t accept Moscow’s actions in Ukraine as Mexico did. “suffered from invasions,”Referring to previous incursions of the US, France, and Spain into the country.

But he refused to sign the strict international sanctions against Russia for the conflict. He reiterated his desire to continue the dialogue with Mexico earlier in this week. “remain neutral.”

Mexico’s leader takes a different approach to Ukraine

Russia invaded the neighbouring country after Ukraine failed to comply with the Minsk Agreements, which were signed in 2014. This was followed by Moscow’s recognition of Donetsk’s Donbass republics, Lugansk, and Donetsk. Minsk Protocol, which was French and German-brokered, was intended to grant the regions that were separated from the Ukrainian state a special status.

Since then, the Kremlin demanded Ukraine declare itself neutral and vow to never join NATO. Kiev claims that the Russian attack was unprovoked. It also denies any plans to take the republics with force.

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