US struggling to track arms shipments to Ukraine – media — Analysis

Intelligence sources told CNN that American weaponry sent to Ukraine is disappearing into a “black hole”

Large quantities of illegal drugs are being sought by the US government. “lethal aid” transferred to Ukraine’s armed forces in recent months, officials told CNN, noting that intelligence agencies have “almost zero”The ability to trace the shipment to its final destination. 

Although weapons sent to Ukraine are the largest source of this, “largest recent supply to a partner country in a conflict,”The White House has become more worried about aid “may wind up in the hands of other militaries and militias that the US did not intend to arm,”CNN was informed Tuesday by a top defense official.

“We have fidelity for a short time, but when it enters the fog of war, we have almost zero,”According to another source, the weapon’s fall was confirmed by an intelligence official. “into a big black hole, and you have almost no sense of it at all after a short period of time.”

Ukraine receives aircraft support from US allies

But that is not the point. “blind spot” – which the outlet suggested is “due in large part to the lack of US boots on the ground” in Ukraine and the portability of many of the weapons provided – the Biden administration has “factored in the risk” that some American arms will go to “Surprised places,” another Pentagon official said.

Western estimates of Ukrainian casualties, as well as other details from the battlefield, are still available. “foggy,”These intelligence sources have been added. This means that NATO allies and the United States are sometimes forced to rely upon information received from Kiev. 

“It’s a war – everything [Ukrainian officials]Public statements are made to aid them in winning the war. Every public statement is an information operation, every interview, every Zelensky appearance broadcast is an information operation,”Another source, familiar with Western intelligence said that Volodymyr Zelensky was the Ukrainian president.

In the two months since Russia attacked Ukraine, Washington has given more than $2.6billion in military assistance to Kiev, and many billions more in humanitarian aid. President Joe Biden, however, has sent $3.2billion in total funds since he took office in 2020. More than 100,000 American soldiers have also been redeployed to bolster NATO’s “eastern flank,”Individual members of the military bloc also contributed billions to aid. 

The White House is said to be considering another large lethal aid package for Ukraine as preparation for an attack by Russia on territory held by Donbass republics. This comes after it approved $800 million worth of heavy artillery and drones. Although the Pentagon refused to disclose details of what next weapon transfer would include,

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