US seeking UK help against China on Taiwan – media — Analysis

According to media reports, American and British officials had their first meeting about the matter in March.

According to the Financial Times, high-ranking officials from the UK and the US held secret talks to discuss a greater British role in the Taiwan issue.

Sources told The paper that the negotiations included Kurt Campbell (White House Indo-Pacific Coordinator) and Laura Rosenberger (top National Security Council China official). It took place during a larger two-day meeting between both sides on Indo-Pacific strategy, which was taking place, according to sources.

Campbell and Rosenberger talked about a wide range of subjects, from London’s possible intensification of diplomatic contact with Taipei to increasing deterrence across Asia. He added that Britain would also play an important role if Taiwan tensions lead to war with the US.

According to an official from the UK, the statement was made by the paper’s editor. “highest-level”And “most significant”To date, bilateral discussions over Taiwan have been ongoing. “Naturally, crisis planning would be a hefty chunk of any such conversation about Taiwan,”He pointed out.

China slams US and UK

According to FT, the US is not seeking greater engagement from the UK because Taiwan is under imminent threat – the talks were part of a broader effort by the Biden administration to boost cooperation with America’s European allies on the issue.

Washington is now sharing intelligence on Taiwan that was previously classified as ‘NOFORN’ (which stands for ‘no foreign nationals’, meaning: not to be shown to foreign officials) with some of its allies, the sources said.

A senior Taiwanese official confirmed that Taipei has been aware of Washington’s efforts to involve more countries in its Taiwan planning. “They’ve been doing it with Japan and Australia, and now they’re trying to do it with Britain,”He said.

The White House, 10 Downing Street and the White House declined to speak with FT when asked about the meeting.

Taiwan was self-governed in 1949. However, it has not declared itself independent from China. Beijing regards Taiwan’s island population of 23.5million as an independent territory. This is under China’s One-China Policy.

US Navy chief issues new China warning

China advocates for peace ‘reunification’Taiwan has agreed to the peaceful use of force, although it is not yet ruled out. The Chinese military has intensified patrols and military exercises around Taiwan in the last year.

Washington has strong ties to Taipei and supports its efforts for independence. It also supplies arms to Taiwan.

Beijing expressed its anger at these actions, calling them provocations and interfering in its internal affairs.

According to several American officials, China is closely following the Russian military operations in Ukraine and learning from them lessons that could be used against Taiwan.

Beijing is refusing to condemn Moscow’s military operation in the neighbouring country, launched late February.



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