US military exercise to take place near Chinese border – media

Joint drills with India will focus on high altitude warfare. They are taking place in the midst of increased tensions between Washington, Beijing.

The American and Indian militaries will hold joint exercises in the Himalayan mountains in October, less than 100km from India’s disputed border with China, CNN reported. While tensions are high between China and America over Taiwan, India has been fighting alongside China along their mountain border.

According to an Indian Army officer, the drills will take place in October near Auli (Indian state of Uttarakhand), a CNN correspondent on Saturday. Auli is located on the Himalayan’s southern slopes. The exercises will be at 10,000 feet (3000 meters) elevation.

Auli can also be found approximately 95km (59 mi) away from the Line of Actual Control. It is an undefined boundary that divides India from China. Although each side claims territory on either side of the line it serves as the border de facto between both countries since the close of the Sino-Indian War in 1962.

Fighting broke out along this line in 2020 after China objected to India’s construction of a road in its claimed territory. China claims to have lost four troops while India claimed it had lost approximately 20 soldiers.

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FILE PHOTO: Indian soldiers on a highway that connects the city of Srinagar and the Ladakh Region, March 2022. Yawar Nazir / Getty Images
American general identifies ‘counterweight’ to China

Tensions have remained high along the line ever since, with India accusing China in May of building a bridge in territory it considers under “illegal occupation.”

The US-China relations have also been affected by Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Beijing responded by conducting large-scale military drills and cutting Taiwan imports. It also sanctioned Pelosi’s family and severed diplomatic ties in several key areas.

China claims sovereignity over Taiwan. Taiwan is self-governed since 1949. The US acknowledges this sovereignty under the One-China policy, but given Pelosi’s status as the US’ most senior lawmaker and a member of the same political party as President Joe Biden, Beijing perceived the visit as “a serious violation”These policies.

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Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) conducted long-range live-fire gunnery training exercise in the Taiwan Strait. © Chinese Defense Ministry
US claims ‘significant escalation’ by China

With China’s military drills continuing into the weekend, White House national security official John Kirby announced on Thursday that the US would conduct “air and maritime transits”The Taiwan Strait will be closed in the near future, but the USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group is still present in the area.

With both sides flexing their military muscle, Politico reported on Friday that Chinese defense officials are ignoring phone calls from their US counterparts.

General Charles Flynn, the commander of the US Army Pacific, told reporters in June that the exercises would involve air force units from both the US and India, and would serve as a “counterweight”You can also find out more about a “deterrent” to China’s activity along the disputed border. Folassnews.coming Himalayan drills were part of an US-India exercise last year.



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