US lawmakers attempt to declare Ukraine conflict a ‘genocide’ – media — Analysis

The Russian representatives accuse Russia symbolically of ethnic cleansing. However, these charges are questionable

The resolution was introduced by a bipartisan group US lawmakers on Friday. It accuses Russia of complicity in crimes. “genocide”Ukraine. Russia is accused in the proposed resolution of crimes, which Moscow asserts were perpetrated by Ukrainian forces. The Russian government also claims that Russian-speaking refugees were forced to flee Ukraine.

The resolution, entitled ‘Recognizing Russian actions in Ukraine as a genocide,’ was introduced by Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tennessee) on Friday. While its text has not yet been made available on the US Congress’ website, Foreign Policy claimed on Saturday to have seen a draft.

Foreign Policy explains that this resolution is not possible. “argues that atrocities committed by Russian troops in Ukraine, including indiscriminate attacks on civilians, the direct targeting of maternity hospitals and medical facilities” constitute genocide.

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All of the preceding “atrocities”According to Donetsk officials as well as reports from the capital, these actions were carried out in Donetsk by Ukrainian forces. They also used a lesser intensity than 2014 when they shelled the Russian-speaking town of Donetsk. At the beginning of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine in February, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that his forces were entering the country to stop the ongoing “humiliation and genocide”Donetsk and Lugansk.

In the resolution, it is also stated that “the forcible transfer of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to Russia and Russian-held territory”Conforms to the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide Crimes

Since February’s hostilities broke out, 1.5 million Ukrainian-speaking refugees fled to Russia as they sought refuge in Russia. Tens to thousands of people entered Russia in the days before the conflict began.

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A bipartisan group representing House members on the Helsinki Commission is said to be supporting this resolution. This US agency oversees US foreign policy. “promotes human rights, military security, and economic cooperation”Europe and Eurasia. Back in April, the commission pushed the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to back Kiev’s evidence-free claims that Russia was committing genocide.

Also, this week the Helsinki Commission argued for the breaking up and “decolonization”Russian Federation

Should Cohen’s resolution be adopted, it would result in a symbolic declaration rather than an official shift in US policy. Genocide can be a difficult charge to prove. The political consequences of this accusation means it could take decades for the US government to acknowledge that a genocide occurred. This was also the case in April when Joe Biden officially recognized the Armenian Genocide, which took place 107 years later.

Biden stated publicly in April “it sure seems”His aides claimed that Russia had committed genocide against Ukraine. This prompted him to declare that his remarks did not constitute a policy statement. The UN stated it had not seen any evidence of genocide against Ukraine and the French President Emmanuel Macron urged leaders around the world to do so. “be very careful”These terms should be used.

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