US extends protections for Venezuelans

Up to 250,000 migrants could be excluded from the United States if they arrive after March 2021.

Joe Biden’s administration extended temporary legal protections to thousands of Venezuelan migrants, who fled Venezuela. This allowed them to live and work legally in the USA for an additional 18 months. 

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security made public this announcement. Alejandro Mayorkas, DHS chief, stated that Temporary Protected status granted last year to 343,000 immigrants would be extended for an additional 18 months. 

“This action is one of many ways the Biden administration is providing humanitarian support to Venezuelans at home and abroad, together with our regional partners,”Mayorkas spoke.

However, the renewed legal protections will apply only to those who arrived in the country prior to March 2021, when the last extension was approved by the White House, meaning that up to 250,000 Venezuelans who’ve migrated since could be turned away.

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US officials make ‘welfare’ stop in Venezuela

Although Senate Democrats have asked the Administration to give protected status to new arrivals, 22 legislators pointed to this. “deeply troubling conditions”Venezuela: In an open letter, published Friday by Reuters, a source said that the White House was concerned about Venezuela. “encourage more irregular migration.”

Officials had until Monday to make a decision on whether or not the protections should be extended. These protections were originally set to expire September but they will be extended until March 2024.

More than 6,000,000 Venezuelans are believed to have fled to safety, violence or lack of opportunity. The United Nations describes the crisis as the most severe in terms of displacement. The government in Caracas remains under heavy US sanctions for alleged abuses, though the Biden administration has said it’s considering easing some of the penalties should President Nicolas Maduro agree to meet with opposition figures.



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