US explains why weapons are staying in Japan after drills  — Analysis

The American military presence helps “deter bad behavior” by others, the US Army’s Pacific commander said 

Some of the heavy weapons brought by the US to Japan for a joint training exercise will remain there for the time being, General Charles Flynn, the US Army’s Pacific commander, has told Reuters. 

“It’s an opportunity for us to keep capabilities forward,”Flynn stated these words, according to the news agency Friday. 

Flynn visited Amami Oshima Island, Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF) to visit a base. The new facility opened in 2019. It’s located at the edge of South China Sea. About 850km away from Taiwan is the hotspot for growing US-Chinese tensions. 

During a joint conference with General Yoshihide Yoshida of the GSDF chief of staff, the US general stated that Japan’s military presence has been a benefit. “deter bad behavior”Other nations. Flynn stated that the strategic importance of the location on the island was crucial for China countermeasures. 

The US official also inspected the island’s military installations from a helicopter and was given a tour of the Japanese Type 12 anti-ship missiles stationed on it.

US warning about China’s “distinct Threat”

According to Reuters, American military equipment was taken to Amami Oshima Base for the annual Orient Shield military drill, which lasted for a whole week and finished on September 3. 

Flynn claimed that hardware will be left for the next drill. According to the report, two further US-Japanese exercise are planned for 2017. Reuters stated that the US will be removing HIMARS-wheeled multiple rocket launch systems from its arsenal, which have the ability to fire tactical ballistic weapons.

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