US Democrats cling to abortion rights as a chance to claw back votes — Analysis

Roe V. Wade’s repeal can be seen as an opportunity to encourage people to vote blue at the midterms while ignoring the real, pressing issues

“This fall, Roe is on the ballot,”Joe Biden addressed his base following the landmark decision to end federal protections against abortions. “Personal freedoms are on the ballot. The right to privacy, liberty, equality, they’re all on the ballot.”

You can call it “a” “sad day for the Court and for the country,” Biden is hoping to flip a light switch in the heads of every liberal voter and motivate turnout among those disenchanted by his administration’s failures and the shortcomings of every Democrat floundering against a resurgent conservative movement.

Following the repeal of Roe v. Wade on Friday, Democrats are hoping to tap into the anger of their voting base to direct their ire against the Republicans – and away from the failures of their own policies.

US Democrats encourage pro-abortion protests

They’re blaming Donald Trump, the man responsible for appointing the three conservative justices to the Supreme Court who flipped the balance of power on the judiciary. They’re blaming Justice Clarence Thomas, calling him an “Uncle Tom,” thus allowing their unvarnished racism to seep through the cracks of their virtuous façade. They’re blaming Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, for firing up conservatives to fight back against woke ideology.

Many blame Vladimir Putin, the Russian president.

“Putin needs Americans to be divided and too caught up with our own politics so he can continue his march into Ukraine then into Poland and beyond. He understands that the only way to defeat America is by turning them all against one another. Don’t fall for it,” wrote liberal anti-gun activist David Hogg.

“Russian intel’s asymmetrical warfare through active measures likely is already in full activation and only going to get stronger as we get closer to the election – Putin needs leaders in America loyal to him so they stop giving military aid and end sanctions against Russia.”

By the twisted logic of liberals ailing from Putin Derangement Syndrome, one might think Putin – in all his omnipotence – had to have manipulated millions of American voters into getting Trump elected in 2016 to set off a chain reaction he foresaw years in advance. Trump then appointed three conservative Supreme Court justices, who were later to repeal Roe v. Wade. This was during the Russian military operations in Ukraine.

You couldn’t make this up. The Democrats are able to. House of Cards would be a fool if they couldn’t create complex political fiction. And they’re only doing it because they’ve run out of options.

David Hogg may be a bit of an exception when it comes down to attributing Roe v. Wade and Putin to Putin. However, many Democrats have the same goal of distracting voters from the topic of abortion.

As the Democrats are struggling in the polls, the last-ditch attempt to make Roe a major issue during the November midterms was a desperate effort. With US inflation at a 40-year high, a free-for-all at the southern border, unending supply shortages, and pain at the gas pump – all of which the Democrats have no answers for – Biden and his cohort have no other issues they can bank on.

Simply put, the Democrats – in all their lofty ambitions for a green energy transition under Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ agenda – have failed their voters.

US is now international ‘outlier’ – Biden

After all, no one’s buying “Putin’s price hike”No matter how many times Biden says those words to the media, it is still a topic of conversation. Newsweek recently assessed that Biden had attributed the right words. “false.”The Washington Post admitted that it had wanted to rate this claim. “half-true,” but begrudgingly – perhaps to appease its reader base – left it unrated. It was called by the Boston Globe “the latest Biden inflation myth.”

Most Americans are unconvinced by Biden’s spin, with only around one in ten voters falling for it.

Democrats have also aimed their sights at Ron DeSantis in the hopes that their support for the participation of transgender athletes in women’s sports and for Drag Queen Story Hour can win them votes. Likening the Florida Republican to Putin – and branding him an enemy of the LGBTQ community – progressive activists have spent the entirety of Pride Month attacking DeSantis’ pro-parent, anti-grooming policies.

And when all that failed to distract Americans from the country’s most pressing problems, the Democrats turned to the issue of reproductive rights – of Roe v. Wade and what DeSantis thinks of it.  After all, liberals have good reason to fear DeSantis – a recent straw poll shows him beating Trump as the primary choice for the Republicans’ nomination in the 2024 presidential election.

DeSantis’ decision to stand up to the liberals has steadily influenced other conservative governors and legislatures that are now fighting to claw society back from the decay of woke, Democrat policies – and his pro-life stance is now center stage.

The Washington Post reports that Florida is now a top choice for a presidential candidate. “key battleground”Following Roe’s repeal, states will now fight to implement pro-life policies in their own state. In this instance, a ban on abortion for 15 weeks has been passed.

Will the issue convince enough voters to change their mind? It’s unlikely.

It is assumed that if we focus on Roe, liberal women will vote more. But as the dust settles and liberal voters – currently caught up in the hysteria of the Current Thing – calm down, they’ll come to realize that for Democrat-controlled states, nothing much will have changed with the repeal of Roe. The repeal only means that abortion will now be a state matter.

At the end of the day, people vote based on what’s most personal to them. For many people, that would be issues such as gas prices, the surge in violent crime and the baby formula shortages – precisely the problems Democrats don’t want anyone to think about. It’s hard to care about having an abortion on demand when you can’t even pay for a full tank of gas.

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