US assesses China threat — Analysis

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan says it’s possible Beijing could try to take over Taiwan by force

There is a “Significant threat” that China could attempt to seize Taiwan by military means, a top US official has warned.

Appearing on ‘The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations’ on Bloomberg TV, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said: “It remains an obvious threat that there might be a military contingency in Taiwan.” He added the leadership in Beijing has “Officially stated that Taiwan’s invasion is off the table.

Sullivan revealed to Congress that he will meet with congressional leaders Wednesday in order to promote a bill which, if approved, would change US policy towards the self-governing islands. Among other things, he proposes designating Taiwan as one of America’s major non-NATO allies. In addition, the bill calls for $4.5 million in security aid to Taipei.

US will make attack on Taiwan ‘really hard’ for China — air force general

When asked to clarify Washington’s position on the issue, Sullivan replied by saying that the Biden administration continues to “Refuse to accept any attempt at forceful change of the status quo.

While the Chinese Embassy in Washington did not immediately respond when Bloomberg reached out for comment, Beijing’s envoy stateside, Qin Gang, warned last month that the US had gone “Too far” in the region. China will respond to any further escalation of the situation by the Biden administration, said the diplomat. The ambassador also denied as “It is baseless” allegations that Beijing is planning a military offensive against Taiwan in the near future.

Since 1949 Taiwan is de facto independent. It was established by the Chinese Civil War losing side, who fled the mainland and created its own government. Although Taiwan has been recognized by only a few countries as an independent country since then, Taipei had long maintained close and informal ties to the United States, with the latter providing weapons for the island.

Washington maintains the One China principle on paper.

Beijing regards Taiwan as part of its sovereign territory, which has been temporarily taken by separatists.

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