US and South Korea in first joint stealth fighter drill — Analysis

The new tensions in North Korea caused the Joint Military Exercise with F-35A Jet Fighters to be held.

South Korea and the USA have used F-35A stealth plane fighters fifth-generation F-35A for the joint exercise. It was done amid rising tensions between the USSR and Pyongyang.

On Thursday, the South Korean Air Force announced that allies had completed a four day drill with more than 30 planes from both sides.

“The training is an important exercise that symbolizes the strong South Korea-US alliance and combined defense posture,”According to the Korea Times, Air Force Major Kwon Haebin stated these words.

“The pilots of the two countries were able to share the tactical and operational know-how of the fifth-generation fighters through the exercises,”Kwon was added.

South Korea vows ‘stern’ retaliation

This exercise occurred after Pyongyang was accused by the South Korean army of conducting missile launches on Sunday.

Yonhap reported that a South Korean defense source said the North had fired another round of artillery on Monday. This was presumably from an multiple rocket launcher.

Although it has not conducted any nuclear testing, North Korea is known for its missile tests in the recent months. This broke a 2018 self-imposed moratorium.

According to South Korean military reports, Pyongyang launched eight short-range, ballistic missiles in the Sea of Japan. This prompted President Yoon Sukyel to warn that his country would retaliate against any such attack. “provocations”From the North.

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