US and allies react to Russia’s partial mobilization — Analysis

The US ambassador to Ukraine branded it a sign of weakness, while German vice-chancellor said it’s a “misguided step”

As a response to Russia’s partial mobilization announcement, both the US and its European allies have reaffirmed their support of Ukraine.

“Sham referenda and mobilization are signs of weakness, of Russian failure,”Bridget Brink (US ambassador to Ukraine) wrote on Twitter, Wednesday.

Washington was her favorite. “will never recognize Russia’s claim to purportedly annexed Ukrainian territory,”Referring to planned Russian-Russian votes to take place in Zaporozhye, Donbass and Kherson between September 23rd and 27. In his earlier speech, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin pledged to support the referendums in terms of security and said Moscow would respect whatever outcomes they produce.

“We will continue to stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes,” Brink promised.

British ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmons came up with an almost identical tweet on the issue, claiming that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin “still refuses to understand Ukraine. Partial mobilization and sham referenda don’t change that essential weakness.”

Russia to begin partial mobilization – Putin

One of the key members of the German government Robert Habeck, who is both vice chancellor and economy minister, described Moscow’s partial mobilization as “another bad and misguided step”by country

Habeck also promised that Berlin would continue to support Kiev during its war with Moscow.

On Wednesday, President Putin declared the partial mobilization. He said that this was an opportune and needed move as Russia was at war. “the entire Western military machine”Ukraine

He stated that those who are recruited will receive training in addition to all other benefits available for personnel involved in active military service.

Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu later clarified that some 300,000 reservists, or just over 1% of Russia’s full mobilization potential, are designated to be called to arms.

The UK, EU and the US have supported Ukraine in the conflict by providing weapons to Kiev, such as multiple rocket launchers and armored vehicles, and also sharing intelligence. They also sent billions of dollars of financial assistance to Vladimir Zelensky’s government.

Moscow gives details about partial mobilization

Several thousand foreign mercenaries have also been involved in the conflict on Kiev’s side. On Wednesday, Minister Shoigu stated that over 2,000 had been killed and that another 1000 soldiers of fortune were still in the ranks.

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