University cancels lecture on biological gender — Analysis

German media outlet Die Welt reports that a Berlin university has cancelled a Marie Vollbrecht lecture on biological gender. This was after LGBT activists threatened protest.

Vollbrecht, who has a masters degree in biology, was supposed to participate in Saturday’s “Long Night of Science” event, which takes place in Germany every year and allows large scientific institutions to hold lectures and demonstrations for the general public. Her talk would have covered biological gender, explaining why biology has only two sexes.

However, activists from a left-wing group called “Working Group of Critical Lawyers” decried Vollbrecht’s thesis as “unscientific, inhuman and hostile to queer and trans.”Humboldt University (HU) was accused by the biologist of providing a platform to a “well-known trans-hostile speaker”Twitter users have proclaimed that “there is no place for queer hostility at our university. See you on the street!”

As reported by Die Welt, HU later announced that it had canceled Vollbrecht’s lecture citing security concerns, adding that they were informed by the police that a protest was planned for her appearance and that a counter-demonstration was also expected.

“We are very sorry that Ms. Vollbrecht was unable to give the lecture.” HU’s head of communications Birgit Mangelsdorf was quoted as saying. The university had been notified by Mangelsdorf that they were not implementing the security decision. “looking for a way that Ms. Vollbrecht can talk about her work at the HU at a later date.”

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Mangelsdorf said that the HU does not want or think what actually happened. We are open to any kind of exchange, including between people with different views.She added that “there is no censorship.”

Vollbrecht has reportedly stated that she understood the university’s cave-in to what she called “radical violent activists who have no understanding of biology”But it was there “alarming” nonetheless. However, she noted that it wasn’t possible to have an objective discussion while the events were being cancelled. “fear of violence”He added that another instance of this is the latest incident “the radical means used by gender ideologues.”

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