Underwater ‘drug drones’ seized in Spain — Analysis

Police said that the unmanned vehicles can carry as much as 200kg of cocaine across the Strait of Gibraltar.

Spanish authorities announced on Monday that three underwater drones, unmanned and capable of transporting large quantities of cocaine across the Strait of Gibraltar between Spain and Morocco, were seized by police officers.

It is the first Spanish police to have captured this vehicle. The vehicles were to be transported to France to distribute cocaine. Eight other suspects were detained during the operation.

A press release stated that two drones were in the process of being built and one was nearly ready for use. These drones could carry cargo up to 200kg. “These devices could allow drug traffickers to transport large quantities of narcotics remotely across the Strait of Gibraltar,”The police stated.

Police say that the group was injecting fake bottoms in vehicles for drug transport. The officers found up to thirteen vehicles, including several types of drug-trafficking vehicles. Some of these compartments were in trailers. They could store 800 kg of cargo.

The police also impounded a large amount of narcotics, including 145kg of hashish, 8kg of marijuana as well as more than €157,000 ($164,000) in cash.

This investigation took 14 months to complete and revealed that the gang offered logistical support for various criminal gangs in France, Italy and Denmark. 

Spain is still a key drug trafficking hub because of its close proximity to Morocco. Morocco is a top producer and transit point for cocaine shipment to Europe. Spain is also connected to South America’s former colonies, which are known for producing cocaine.

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