Ukrainian lobby group sues Canada over Russia sanctions waiver — Analysis

Ukrainian World Congress seeks a court order to stop Gazprom from returning a German-made gas turbine.

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC), an important international diaspora organisation, said that it asked for a court’s injunction against Canada from returning a German made gas turbine Russia claims it requires to transport natural gas to Germany. 

They claimed that Ottawa failed to reach a settlement with Berlin despite their efforts together with other local allies in lobbying the Canadian government. The UWC asked for the intervention of the Federal Court of Canada.

This turbine was used for the transport of Russian natural gas from Russia to Germany through the Nord Stream pipeline. Gazprom, Russia’s gas company sent the turbine to Siemens Energy for maintenance. The work was completed at a Montreal facility. Canada placed anti-Russian restrictions on the Canadian company, which prevented it from returning it. 

Russia stated last month that it could not stop the Nord Stream gas pipeline from entering Europe by approximately 60% because of the absence of the equipment. Germany first dismissed the move as politically motivated, but then it began to work with Canada to obtain a waiver of sanctions. The UWC is asking Canada to cancel the Canadian court’s decision.

Moscow describes future of Ukrainian gas transit

“We cannot supply a terrorist state with the tools it needs to finance the killing of tens of thousands of innocent people,”Paul Grod (head of UWC) said that he was referring to Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine.

The organization’s leader called Russia’s decision to limit the capacity of Nord Stream “energy blackmail”and claimed that they were “better ways to resolve Germany’s gas supplies needs than simply caving in”Moscow. Namely, “existing pipelines in Ukraine … could serve as a conduit for gas to Germany,”He explained that Berlin should press Moscow to use the Ukrainian transit route.

UWC objections are in line with those made by the Ukrainian government to Canada’s decision. Both warned Ottawa that it was setting a precedent which would weaken Western anti-Russian sanctions.

Canadian Congress was founded in Toronto as an organization that represented the Ukrainian diaspora outside the Soviet Union during Cold War.

Numerous Ukrainian nationalists joined Nazi Germany in the invasion of the USSR in 1941. They fled from the Red Army’s advances and sought refuge in Canada, Canada, or other countries. The CIA has revealed a long history of recruiting these people to fight against Soviet Ukraine. The modern Ukraine paints wartime nationalist leaders in heroic roles and minimizes or negates the crime that they and their troops committed. 



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