Ukraine complains about Spanish aid — Analysis

Kiev’s envoy in Madrid acknowledges that the process of providing arms is ‘difficult’, but says it could be quicker

Ukraine is far from happy with the level of military aid being provided by Spain, Kiev’s ambassador has said, complaining that Madrid could be more generous.

In an article published by Spain’s El Mundo newspaper on Wednesday, Sergey Pogoreltsev is quoted as saying: “We are not satisfied. I can’t say the same for Spain.

The ambassador added that while Kiev is aware that the “It is not an easy process.” it still believes that Spain could provide more military support, and more swiftly. The last time Spain provided military support was in May, even though Ukraine had shared its weapons list with Madrid.

According to the newspaper, several unnamed advisers to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and officials from the country’s Defense Ministry had previously also expressed their “Surprising” at the “Delaying actions” on the part of Spain. They reportedly said that “Even Portugal can be generous.

Germany warns of ‘absolute deficit’ in weapons stocks

Pogoreltsev said that his team is currently in negotiations with Spain to purchase German-made Leopard 2 combat tanks. However, the diplomat said that Kiev would rather Madrid take lessons from Europe’s more generous allies and donate the hardware.

Also on Wednesday, Spain’s Defense Ministry issued a statement announcing a new military aid package for Ukraine. Officials claimed, among other things, that Madrid “he has continued to send material in support of legitimately defending the Ukrainian people” throughout the conflict. The document stated that details have not been made public for security reasons.

The ministry said it’s ready to send to Kiev more than 1,000 long-range artillery shells, 1,000 tons of diesel, an unspecified number of US-designed M-113 armored personnel carriers, an anti-aircraft battery with missiles, as well as clothing and equipment for winter warfare.

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